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Single sided Teflon coated glass fabric 200my high temperature silicone adhesive

The combination of PTFE, fiberglass and a high temperature silicone adhesive compound makes R0201 a durable and versatile tape.

Can be used up to 260°C at its peak

Tear and puncture resistant

Abrasion and wear resistant


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This single sided glass fabric tape is impregnated with PTFE, which gives it excellent non-stick properties.

Because it contains a silicone adhesive compound, this tape is ideal for applications that combine non-stick and high temperature.

Thanks to its glass cloth backing, this Teflon tape has good dimensional stability and conformability. Because it does not run off under heavy loads, it can be used to promote slip on pressing, sealing or hot ironing machines.


Application conditions

  •     The recommended application temperature is between 10°C and 49°C.
  •     The surface must be clean, non-greasy and dust free
  •     Do not touch the adhesive surface before application
  •     For maximum adhesion, it is recommended to press the adhesive strongly


Storage conditions

This single-sided Teflon-coated glass fabric tape should be stored:

  •     In a clean and ventilated place
  •     In a dry place
  •     Between 21°C and 38°C


The minimum shelf life under the above conditions is 24 months

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Product reference
Tape thickness
Liner thickness
Tape colour
Adhesion to steel
Elongation at break
Long term T° amplitude
0,170 mm
0,127 mm
< 5 %
-73°C à 260°C
0,196 mm
0,152 mm
6 N/cm
< 5%
-73°C à 260°C
0,180 mm
7,8 N/cm
< 5%
-60°C to +280°C

A high-performance adhesive silicone compound
Although the initial adhesive properties of silicone are average, this adhesive compound has the advantage of being:
· Usable at high temperatures
· Resistant to cold and frost
· Removable without leaving traces on many surfaces


The strength of glass cloth
Thanks to its glass fabric backing, this PTFE adhesive has interesting mechanical and chemical properties:
· Resistance to perforation and tearing
· Little dimensional variation over time
· Ease of conformability that allows it to fit all types of surfaces


PTFE: chemical inertness and anti-grip properties
This exceptional thermoplastic is chemically inert which means it does not favour the creation of chemical bonds. As it does not bond easily to other materials, it is widely used in industry for its anti-grip or slippery properties.
These non-stick properties are also very useful with regards to cleaning operations, which is why it is used as an anti-dirt coating, especially in the food industry.

Demoulding in the composite industry

PTFE-coated glass fabrics are used to protect work surfaces during bonding operations in the composite industry.

When used inside moulds, they also facilitate demoulding and maintenance.


Protection of heat-sealing plates

Heat sealers used in the food service industry and all machines that work on the principle of sealing plastic films have sealing bars. To prevent the plastic from sticking to them and to ensure a certain watertightness, these bars are protected by a Teflon-coated glass fabric adhesive.


Other applications

Generally speaking, this product is used in all applications, high temperature or not, where sliding is an important criterion:

  • Packing, pressing and ironing machines
  •  Coating of guide rails, chutes and slides (also reduces squeaking)
  •  Oven exit, in industrial bakeries

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