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Single sided green polyester 70µm with high temperature silicone adhesive

L0202V is a green polyester tape with a silicone adhesive. It is chemical and temperature resistant and can be easily removed without leaving any residue.


Easy to remove

Bonding and joining of siliconised surfaces

High temperature resistance

High resistance to solvents and chemicals

Can be used to join leather pieces

Used as a coil splice

Identifiable by its green colour

Tear and puncture resistant

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Our DJUMBO L0202V single sided polyester tape can be used in a wide variety of high temperature applications, including masking prior to powder coating.

In addition, this tape has a silicone adhesive compound that allows it to bond to silicone surfaces, which is not possible with rubber and acrylic adhesive compounds. It can therefore be used to join silicone protectors.


Application conditions

  •         The ideal application temperature is between +18°C and +25°C
  •         Always apply adhesives to clean, dust-free and grease-free surfaces
  •         Do not touch the exposed adhesive surface of the tape as this will impair performance
  •         This adhesive is pressure sensitive. It must be applied with maximum force in order to achieve a high level of performance.
  •         Optimal bonding is achieved after 24 hours at +23°C


Storage conditions

  •         Store in a clean, dry and well-ventilated place, preferably at a temperature between +10°C and +30°C.

When stored under these conditions, the shelf life will be at least 24 months.

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Product reference
Tape thickness
Tape colour
Tensile strength
Elongation at break
Tear strength:
Continuous temperature range:
Solvent resistance
0,07 mm
117,7 N/25mm
7,8 N / 25mm
-20°C to +180°C

Heat resistance
Thanks to the silicone adhesive compound, this polyester tape has a high heat resistance. This reduces the risk of deformation and softening during masking operations and inhibits the transfer of the adhesive compound.


Strong tack
DJUMBO L0202V is coated with an adhesive compound that provides a strong and immediate bond.
Translucent tape for precise placement
This polyester tape is translucent, which allows ideal positioning on the areas that need to be covered. The green colour makes it easy to see, which reduces the risk of forgetting its removal.


High chemical resistance
DJUMBO L0202V has a high resistance to solvents and certain products, in particular boric, sulphuric, tartaric and phosphoric acids.


Avoids the use of liquid masking compounds
Liquid masking products are often restrictive because they need to be applied hot, contain solvents, require curing or baking time and are as complicated to apply as they are to remove.


Customizable masking tape
In order to match the shape of your parts exactly, the masking can be pre-cut. This saves time and is particularly useful for painters or surface treatment operators.

Masking for powder coating
The application of epoxy and polyester powder coatings requires curing steps. Because it is temperature stable, DJUMBO L0202V is ideal for masking prior to powder coating.


Masking for anodising
This polyester tape has excellent chemical resistance, which allows it to be used during immersion in surface treatment baths, especially in boric and sulphuric anodising.
Our siliconised polyester tapes have many advantages for anodising masking:
Quick and easy application
No curing time
No pre-masking steps required
One step removal
No solvent or fume emissions


Permanent bonding to silicone surfaces
Most materials do not adhere to silicone, apart from the silicone itself. This makes the adhesive ideal for joining and splicing siliconised paper rolls found in industry.


Other applications
· Holding of parts
· Electrical insulation: Polyester is a good electrical insulator and is a common material used for the protection of transformers, coils and electric motors
· Packaging

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