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Single-sided yellow polyester 60my acrylic tape - UL510 certified

The L0103J is a yellow polyester tape coated with an acrylic adhesive compound. This adhesive tape is particularly used in the electrical and electronic fields.

Instant Tack

Adheres to irregular surfaces

Excellent dielectric strength

Good resistance to solvents

Abrasion and cut resistant

Excellent chemical resistance

Identifiable by its yellow colour

Can be engraved with a lazer

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This 60µm thick yellow polyester tape is coated with an acrylic adhesive compound, which gives it an immediate tack, even on irregular surfaces.


Due to its high dielectric strength, it is widely used for electrical and electronic applications. Its bright yellow colour is particularly suitable for identification and marking purposes.


This UL Class B adhesive can be used up to 130°C.

UL Class Temperature in °C
Y 90
A 105
E 120
B 130
F 155
H 180
C >180


Application conditions

  •     The optimum application temperature for this single-sided polyester tape is between 18°C and 25°C
  •     Apply only on clean and degreased surfaces
  •     Do not touch the adhesive part
  •     Press the adhesive firmly during application


Storage conditions

  •     This product should be stored in a clean, ventilated and dry place
  •     The ideal storage temperature is between 10°C and 30°C
  •     The minimum shelf life under the above conditions is 12 months
Demander la fiche technique
Product reference
Tape thickness
Tape colour
Voltage resistance:
Dielectric strength
Tearing strength
Temperature class:
Solvent resistance
0,06 mm
Min 4500V
B +130°C

Dielectric properties

Polyester films have excellent dielectric strength. They can be used for electrical insulation, electrical and electronic applications.


Mechanical resistance

Polyester tapes are among the strongest adhesives in terms of tensile strength, tearing strength and puncture resistance, even in thin layers.


Adhesion that increases over time

While the initial adhesion of the acrylic adhesive compound is average, it increases over time to ensure a strong bond.


Acrylic adhesive for permanent application

Acrylic adhesives are less expensive than silicone adhesives, but also have lower resistance to high and low temperatures. On the other hand, their resistance to UV, solvents and aging is excellent, so they are widely used for outdoor applications.


UL 510 Certification

This adhesive is UL 510 certified. This American standard for thermoplastics and rubber tapes guarantees that the adhesive has self-extinguishing properties when ignited.

Electrolyte resistant tape used when marking data matrix for traceability

Due to its strong adhesion, this adhesive tape can be used for marking parts after the laser engraving of a data matrix. Thanks to its high chemical resistance, it can be used during immersion in an electrolyte, for example for the traceability of battery stacks.


When ease of unwinding is required

Some adhesive dispensing machines are not powerful enough to be used with silicone adhesives whose adhesion is too high. If this is the case, we recommend using a tape with an acrylic adhesive compound instead.


Electrical insulation

This tape can be used for coil covering and layered insulation as well as for splicing.

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