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Die-cut L0202V

Polyester single side tape die-cut roll L0202V

L0202V is a high temperature masking adhesive with excellent chemical resistance. It can be easily removed without leaving any residue

Easy to remove

Resistant to high temperatures

Can be used for joining leather

Identifiable by its green color

Easily applied

Good adhesion to steel

Resistant up to 220°C for 30 min

Easy to remove, does not leave any traces or residues

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What is DERFI’s polyester film cutting service?

 In addition to selling adhesives on rolls, DERFI also offers a cutting service enabling the production of:

Round discs, of variable sizes

– Square pieces

– Custom shapes


Pre-cut polyester adhesive film has several advantages.


  • Time saving: operators do not have to cut the parts themselves during masking operations.
  • Precision: the edges of the parts are cut precisely each time – which guarantees a perfect result, especially for powder coating applications.
  • Practicality: We can provide easy-peel tabs on the cut parts making application much easier.
  • High volume compatible: our format cutting machines are capable of producing high volumes of parts and the machined dies are designed for long life.
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Tape thickness
Ribbon color
Tensile resistance
Stretch resistance
Long term temperature range
Solvent resistance
0,07 mm
117,7 N/25mm
-20°C to 180°C

Heat resistance
Thanks to its silicone adhesive, these polyester pads have high heat resistance. This reduces the risk of distortion and softening during masking operations while also preventing the transfer of the adhesive compound.


Strong tack
The L0202V is coated with an adhesive compound that provides a strong and immediate bond.


Translucent pads for precise placement
These polyester stickers are translucent, which allows for the perfect positioning of the masking on the areas to be covered. The green colour makes it easy to see, which limits the risk of forgetting to remove it.

Masking before powder coating

Thanks to our custom cutting service, it is possible to design plugs in the form of cylindrical or square pellets. The adhesive is flexible enough to ensure a minimum amount of sealing of the plugs, thus preventing the introduction of powder coating particles into the areas to be spared.

As it is tear-resistant, the cutting of masking stencils ensures very sharp contours – which enables the precise application of paint. In addition, the silicone-based adhesive compound is easy to remove thus avoiding leaving behind residues or marks. This also eliminates the need for additional cleaning steps.

Finally, we can also provide grip tabs to facilitate the application of the masking film.

For all these reasons, it is the ideal adhesive for masking prior to powder coat applications.


Custom cut masking film

Apart from square or round shapes, we are able to custom cut any shape desired, according to the drawings provided by our customers.

This requires the machining of a customised cylinder and is therefore an ideal solution for the production of mass-produced parts.


Joining of silicone parts

A special feature of this silicone adhesive compound is its strong adhesion to silicone materials. This means that parts cut to the required shape can be used not only as a form of permanent protection on a silicone substrate, but they can also be used to make connections between silicone parts.

One of its main uses is for joining coils to silicone paper rolls. Only silicone glue will adhere to this type of surface.

Dispense your die-cut roll with our label dispenser DU25.
Can dispense clear die-cut / labels.


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