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Single-sided transparent PE film 100my residue-free acrylic adhesive

DJUMBO G0104T is a transparent polyethylene film coated with a light acrylic adhesive. Its solvent-free adhesive compound makes it difficultly flammable.

Protection of windows and portholes

Solvent free

Flame retardant

Removal without streaking

UL510 standards

UV resistance Moisture resistance Clear film

Moisture resistance

Clear film

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This crepe paper masking tape is solvent and heat resistant without being a high temperature tape. It is an economical solution for heat drying applications.


Application conditions

  •         The ideal application temperature is between 10 °C and 49 °
  •         Apply this adhesive to clean, dry and degreased surfaces
  •         Do not touch the adhesive surface
  •         Apply strong pressure for optimum adhesion


Storage conditions

  •         We recommend storing this tape in a clean, dry and ventilated place
  •         The recommended storage temperature is between 21 °C and 38 °C
  • Shelf life: 24 months under these conditions
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Référence produit
Épaisseur ruban (mm)
Couleur ruban
Adhésivité sur acier
Amplitude T° à long terme
0.102 mm
1.50 N/cm
-10°C à +70°C

Resistant to outdoor conditions

Although intended for temporary use, this film is capable of withstanding extreme outdoor conditions for several months. It has good resistance to UV, temperature, rain, and moisture.


Stretch and strong adhesion

The film is coated with an acrylic pressure sensitive adhesive compound which provides strong adhesion when the film is applied. The film can be applied manually or automatically.


Residue-free removal

Due to its thickness, this polyethylene film can be removed manually without tearing. Thanks to the acrylic adhesive, it does not leave any traces.


High transparency

This film is mainly used to protect glass panes from the time they are manufactured until the end of the construction period. Also, for aesthetic reasons, this product has a good transparency and allows light transmission. This allows the customer to have a better idea of what the finished product will look like.


Low flammability

The acrylic adhesive of this film does not contain any solvents, so it is not very flammable and limits the risk of fire on construction sites.

Protection of glass panes

During manufacture and up to delivery, glass panes can be scratched, stained and soiled by dust. This risk is even greater in large-scale construction projects.

In order to ensure that the final products are of the highest quality, manufacturers use such protective films, which are only removed at the very last moment, i.e. upon delivery.

They can be used for both interior and exterior protection.

  •         Shipbuilding: deck glazing and bay windows
  •         Aeronautics and armament: portholes
  •         Railways: train glazing
  •         Building: windows, panes, etc.


Protection of metal parts during machining

This PE film can also be used to protect flat metal surfaces during machining operations. This thick film prevents scratching and has the advantage that it does not ignite if a tool is overheated when in contact with metal.

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