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Single sided cream paper 140my High temperature rubber adhesive

A cream-coloured crepe paper adhesive with natural rubber base designed for a variety of applications including masking.

Surface protection

Residue-free removal

Resistant to solvents

Good temperature resistance (100°C)

Tearable by hand

Cream colour

UL510 standards

Available in all widths

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This crepe paper masking tape is solvent and heat resistant without being a high temperature tape. It is an economical solution for heat drying applications.


Application conditions

  •    The ideal application temperature is between 10 °C and 49 °
  •   Apply this adhesive to clean, dry and degreased surfaces
  •   Do not touch the adhesive surface
  •   Apply strong pressure for optimum adhesion


Storage conditions

  •  We recommend storing this tape in a clean, dry and ventilated place
  •  The recommended storage temperature is between 21 °C and 38 °C
  • Shelf life: 24 months under these conditions
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Product reference
Tape thickness
Tape colour
Traction resistance
Elongation when stretch
Long term T° amplitude
0,14 mm
10 %

Good value for money

Although not as strong as a fibreglass/silicone masking tape, this tape is also much cheaper! It is a good compromise for painting operations that do not require high temperatures.


Precise and easy to handle

Because it is made of crepe paper, this tape can easily be torn by hand, which makes it convenient to use. The DJUMBO F0501C is highly conformable and guarantees precise application on straight lines as well as on slight curves.


Adheres to a wide variety of surfaces

Thanks to its rubber adhesive compound, this tape adheres to all non-polar surfaces. It also adheres to metals and painted surfaces.


Does not leave marks

This tape is designed for masking. Therefore it does not leave any marks on the protected surfaces and does not damage painted or varnished surfaces.


Solvent and heat resistant

Thanks to its reticulated adhesive compound, this tape has excellent heat resistance, with a temperature resistance of up to 80°C continuously (or 100°C for 1 hour).

The cross-linking of the adhesive compound also ensures good solvent resistance.



Compatible with DERFI tape dispensers

These rolls of adhesive tape are compatible with:

Masking before painting

This flexible masking tape is particularly suitable for masking parts before liquid paint application. Its medium temperature resistance means that it can even be used during hot paint drying.


A versatile masking tape

Other applications are possible beyond masking operations.

It is easy to write on, so it can be used for temporary labelling of parts, as well as for wire and cable wrapping and bundling in industry.