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Dispensador eléctrico con retirada del liner protector de cintas adhesivas doble cara

El dispensador automático RLT7000 es el producto de una ingeniosa fusión de dos dispensadores preexistentes: el dispositivo eléctrico de corte RT7000, así como el dispensador manual AFB50TB.









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Los equipos de DERFI diseñaron un soporte de duraluminio hecho en Francia, para unir los dos dispositivos en un solo dispositivo de distribución, con el objetivo de distribuir trozos de cinta adhesiva de doble cara o de una cara con una película protectora de forma rapida.


Este dispositivo permite al operador obtener cintas adhesivas de doble cara sin tener que separar la parte pegajosa de la película de revestmiento, manteniendo las ventajas de programación del dispensador automático RT7000.


El usuario de esta máquina podrá entonces seleccionar hasta 6 valores programables que definen las diferentes longitudes de cinta adhesiva a distribuir.

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Weight (kg)
76 mm
50 mm
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445 mm
7 kg

This automatic dispenser will play a key role in assisting an industrial operator in a production line. The unwinder concentrates on the automatic distribution of double sided tape whilst peeling the liner and will be very effective on production lines dealing with leather goods, especially for securing parts before assembly. Similarly, in the automotive field, the RLT7000 will be a very effective instrument used for the placement of technical adhesive tape equipped with a liner. More generally, the RLT7000 is an extremely versatile instrument that will suit all operators wishing to increase output and production accuracy. It will also facilitate the operator’s work.

This automatic dispenser was mainly designed to relieve the industrial operator whose activity requires the repetitive and intensive handling of pieces of double-sided tape. The RT7000 alone does not have any liner recovery function. Similarly, the AFB50TB dispenses manually, not automatically. The assembly of these two devices therefore presents a product with unique characteristics. The operator using the RLT7000 will benefit from the programming and cutting to length advantages of the RT 7000. The dispenser operator will be able to select up to 6 feed lengths organized from letter A to letter F. In this way, the user of this device for double-sided adhesive films will be able to define cutting lengths; for example, 10 mm for setting A, 25 mm for setting B, etc. The operator will also be able to use the two modes of this device.


The electric dispenser for adhesive rolls thus features an automatic mode, offering the autonomous dispensing of a new piece of adhesive tape after the previous one has been picked up, and a semi-automatic mode giving more control to the operator, the latter manually cutting by pressing the START key. However, the particularity of this automatic dispenser lies in the fact that it is directly coupled with a liner recovery dispenser for single and double-sided adhesive tapes with protective liners. This arrangement offers the RLT 7000 unique properties. The user of this cutting device will be able to double their production as they will no longer have manually remove the protective liner from the adhesive tape. This task is often very long and tedious. Here, the AFB50TB base directly separates the two materials during the unwinding pro-cess and collects the liner on an external winding machine, all thanks to a drive roller system. In addition to being a very practical and versatile device, the RLT7000 is an extremely robust automatic double-sided tape dispenser. The entire upper part of the unit is made of thick and resistant painted sheet metal. The automatic unwinder has been designed to protect all its inter-nal components and is therefore suitable for intensive use in industrial production.


The automatic unwinder for adhesive films with liner protection is also equipped with a heavy sole, allowing the device to be used and moved very easily while maintaining optimal sta-bility. It should also be noted that RLT7000 mainly accommodates double-sided rolls, but is also suita-ble for the use of all types of adhesive rolls equipped with liner. The electric dispenser can support adhesive rolls of all types that are less than or equal to 50 mm in width and with an external diameter not exceeding 250 mm. Finally, it is possible, upon request, to equip the machine with a special support for larger rolls.


The RLT 7000 is an ingenious automatic dispenser, designed for the fast handling of prede-termined lengths of double-sided tape strips. This device is extremely versatile and will greatly assist the industrial operator in their tasks. The RLT 7000 electric tape dispenser is compatible with plain adhesive tapes, single-sided lined adhesive tapes and double-sided adhesive tapes.


Setting up the dispenser and loading the roll

To start, make sure the device is not plugged in to the power supply. Then, place the double-sided tape roll around the hub on the upper structure of the unit. Take care to orient the roll so that it is dispensed from the outside of the reel, as shown in the presentation photos. Place the double-sided adhesive film over the first drive roll and separate the adhesive part from its backing paper. Fold the adhesive tape down onto the RT7000 rolls. Finally, grasp the liner and wrap it around the winding machine provided for this purpose.


Getting Started

Connect the automatic dispenser to a 250 V / 50 Hz socket using the power cable supplied with the device. Next, start the unit by pressing the ON /OFF button on the back of the automatic tape dispenser. Then slide the double-sided adhesive tape between the rollers of the RT7000 and close the hold-ing cover. Press the FWD button to dispense the first piece of adhesive tape. Finally press the START but-ton to cut the double-sided tape. The RLT7000 is now ready for use.



The electric adhesive tape dispenser RLT 7000 allows the programming of 6 dispensing lengths ranging from 5 mm to 999 mm. These dispensing lengths are listed from letter A to letter F. The desired measurements will first have to be in keyed in. To do this, press the SELECT button on the device and choose a letter. Once the letter is selected, adjust the desired length by press-ing the + and – buttons on the device. For faster value scrolling, press and hold. The scrolling will then be done in increments of 5 mm. Press the SELECT button again to move to the next pro-grammable letter. Once the letters have been allocated lengths, semi-automatic dispensing mode or automatic mode can be selected.


Semi-automatic Mode

To confirm the functionality of this mode, make sure the blue LED on the instrument panel is off. If the latter is on, press the AUTO / MANU button. Press the FWD button to dispense a first piece of tape, then choose the letter. Then press the START button to cut the double-sided adhesive tape. To release a new piece of tape, press the START button again.


Automatic Mode

To select this mode, make sure the blue LED is illuminated. If this is not the case, press the AUTO / MANU button on the automatic reel. Then navigate between the different length options rang-ing from A to F and select one. A first adhesive tape will automatically unwind to the measure-ments according to the length option selected. Once the piece of tape has been released, a new adhesive tape will automatically be dispensed thanks to a photoelectric detection cell.


Predefining multiple cut-outs

The RLT 7000 has two selection modes for determining the number of cut-outs. 


The P-Mode This first mode can be used in automatic mode and in semi-automatic mode. It allows the user of the double-sided adhesive dispenser to predefine the number of pieces of tape to be dispensed ranging from 5 to 999 pieces. To do this, the operator must first select one of the 6 recorded programs using the SELECT key. Then press and hold the SELECT button again, so that the «LCON» index appears on the display. Release the button and press the SELECT button one last time to display the letter «P» on the instrument panel. The RLT 7000 user can then define the number of adhesive films to be cut using the «+» and»-» buttons on the unit. In automatic mode, the RT7700 will switch to the next length setting once the cutting number counter displays «0». 


The L-Mode This mode has been specially designed for cutting non-adhesive tapes. The non-sticky nature of the material will allow cutting without necessary manual recovery by the operator. The distribu-tion is then looped and the user of the automatic dispenser will only have the task of collecting these pieces of tape at the end of the cycle. To use this program, select a set length using the SELECT button, then press and hold the SE-LECT button again, so that «LCON» appears on the data panel. Use the «+» and»-» keys to define the number of cuts. The automatic dispenser will then automatically dispense the strips.


Dispenser maintenance and cleaning

It is best to have the RLT7000 serviced by a qualified service technician as handling the unit’s components can be dangerous. DERFI’s teams offer complete maintenance of sold devices. From time to time, clean the blade with a solvent, and maintain with the silicone oil supplied with the unit.


Spare Parts

DERFI has all the spare parts required for the operation of the RLT 7000. We can have the de-sired parts delivered at any time.

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Preguntas frecuentes

¿Qué cintas caben en el RLT7000?

La RLT7000, fabricada por DERFI, permite dispensar cintas de una sola cara con liner. El sistema de recuperación de la película protectora permite un puesto de trabajo limpio. La máquina RT permitirá el corte a medida de las cintas sin el liner. También es posible hacerlo con nuestro RT7700.

¿Cómo se instala un RLT7000?

La instalación de un sistema automatizado de dispensación de adhesivo sin la película protectora es muy sencilla. Sólo hay que colocar el carrete, despegar el revestimiento y colocarlo en el sistema de recuperación. La cinta se dispensará entonces a la longitud definida en el RT.