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Single sided white glass fabric 165my HT acrylic adhesive - UL510 certified

The C0109B is a glass cloth tape coated with a high quality acrylic adhesive.

High mechanical strength

Acrylic Glue

Breakdown voltage 2500 V

Can be used at 155°C continuously (class F)

Resistance to aging

Good adhesion

Chemical resistance

UL510 certified

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This glass cloth tape is coated with an acrylic adhesive layer.

It is mainly used for electrical applications, namely for the manufacture of coil wraps, insulation of layers and crossings in transformers and for the manufacture of cable bundles.

Due to its high resistance to tearing, temperature, oils and solvents, this tape can insulate, protect and maintain all types of industrial electrical components.


Storage conditions

The suggested storage temperature is between 10°C and 30°C with a relative humidity of 50%.

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Product reference
Tape thickness
Liner thickness
Tape colour
Adhesive mass
Substrate Type
Adhesion to steel
Roller ball adhesion
Tensile strength
Elongation breakage
Breakdown voltage
Thermal class
Short term temperature resistance
Electrolytic corrosion
165 µm
120 µm
Glass fabric
2,5 kV
155 - F
UL Fiche No. E178430

Glass cloth: flexible and strong tape

Glass cloth tapes have high tensile strength and tear resistance while remaining flexible and conformable. Since they are also temperature resistant, they can be used in extreme temperature conditions.


Electrical insulation

This thick tape has good dielectric strength and can be impregnated with an insulating resin to further enhance protection. Its primary use is for electrical insulation.


A more affordable glass cloth tape for intermediate temperature requirements

This tape is coated with an acrylic adhesive compound, which is less expensive than a silicone adhesive, but it has lower heat resistance.

Therefore, it is intended for intermediate applications that do not require large temperature increases.

If you are looking for a product with higher temperature resistance, we recommend using C0201B, which is the C0109B’s equivalent but with silicone adhesive (rated H, 180°C continuous).


Resistant to chemicals, oils and solvents

Glass fabrics with acrylic adhesive are particularly resistant to hydraulic fluids and oils, as well as fuels, various solvents and chemicals.


Flame resistant tape

This adhesive tape is UL 510 certified, which means that it has non-flame propagating properties. It is therefore suitable for markets where this certification is required.

Electrical insulation of coils and motor components

Due to its high breakdown voltage, this glass cloth tape is ideal for insulating, holding and protecting electrical components such as:

    – Motor spools and bunches

    – Coil wrapping

    – Cable bundles

    – Pins

    – Transformers

    – Capacitors

    – Relays


For applications that prohibit silicone

Silicone is prohibited in many industrial applications because it can be difficult to clean and dispose of. This acrylic-based tape is recommended as an alternative, provided it meets the temperature requirements of your specifications.

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