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Single-sided reinforced gummed Kraft 150g water-activated vegetable glue

The DJUMBO A0402A gummed tape consists of a paper backing and a potato starch-based vegetable glue. This tape is reinforced with a fibreglass grid in its centre.

Tamper-proof sealing of cartons

Packing of light and heavy cartons

Environmentally friendly gummed tape


Immediate tack

Tan colour



Detailed description

This DJUMBO A0402A gummed tape is the reinforced version of DJUMBO A0401. It ensures an immediate and permanent closure of the cartons, thanks to its water-activated glue which penetrates deep into the cardboard fibres. The fibreglass reinforcement is ideal for the closing of heavy cartons.


Application conditions

  •         Temperature: Between +10°C and +30°C
  •         Surfaces must be clean, dry and free of dust, oil and grease
  •         Pressure sensitive tapes should be applied with maximum pressure to achieve an optimum level of adhesiveness
  •         The indicated performance level will be achieved after a bonding time of 24 hours at +23°C


Storage conditions

  •         Rolls should be stored flat, in their original packaging, away from dust, light, moisture and solvent fumes
  •         Recommended temperature: between +10°C and +30°C

Under these conditions, the rolls can be stored for up to 12 months.

Demander la fiche technique
Product reference
Tape colour
130 g/m²
Kraft brown

Environmentally friendly gummed tape
The use of PVC or PP adhesive tapes for sealing packaging boxes is becoming less common, partly because of solvent emissions.
While the use of acrylic or hot melt adhesives is still possible, there are environmentally friendly solutions that make it possible to do without the use of plastic altogether.
This is the case with A0402A gummed tapes, as they are:
*         Made of naturally-sourced glue, based on corn starch or potato starch
*         Made of paper, therefore recyclable, just like cardboard, so no separation is necessary
*         Solvent and toxic product free
The fiberglass weave that makes up this type of adhesive represents a very small amount. It therefore does not interfere with the recycling process.
Immediate and permanent closure
This tape is the reinforced version of DJUMBO A0401. Like this other tape, it is made of water-activated gummed tape that penetrates deep into the cardboard fibres.
This means that any attempt to tear off the tape from the cardboard will result in visible damage to the carton, making it possible to immediately identify when a carton has been tampered with.
In addition, the use of a fiberglass grid has two further advantages:
*         It increases the strength of the carton and allows for heavier loads to be carried, a prerequisite for packaging that meets international standards
*         The grid prevents the tape from being cut/torn open by hand
Compatible with DERFI gummed tape wipers
The DJUMBO A0402A reinforced gummed tape’s adhesive is activated by water. DERFI offers 2 types of moisteners for Kraft paper tape:
*  The automatic dispenser DEG 100: specifically designed for gummed tapes. Its integrated humidifier allows the glue to be activated using just the right amount of water, as well as a brush. If predefined lengths of tape are required, this tape cutting device can be programmed to do so.

Packaging for logistics centres

This reinforced adhesive tape is compatible with the high production speeds found in logistics warehouses. High speeds can be achieved by using the appropriate dispensers.

The use of fibreglass-reinforced gummed tape also ensures secure shipments of even the heaviest packages.

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