Automatic dispenser for adhesive tapes type ZCM1100 / M1100 / A695


Automatic dispenser for adhesive tapes

The ZCM1100 or A695 is an automatic dispenser for the cutting of adhesive tapes to length. Its particularity is that it has a programmable length system with automatic or semi-automatic unwinding. This electronic dispenser thus facilitates the work of the industrial operator whose activity requires regular and repeated cutting of adhesive strips.

Closely related to the [ZCM1000](Product ZCM1000), the M1100 stands out thanks to its secure cutting system. This is guaranteed by an smart detection cell that recognises all foreign matter on the adhesive rolls. The device is therefore compliant with the standards of the centres for the disabled [CAT and ESAT] (SEO Page ESAT).

Dérouleur automatique pour découpe à longueur
Dévidoir A695 de scotch industriel
Distributeur d’adhésif à coupe sécurisée

Each Derfi machine is an original machine and not a copy. All our tape dispensers are tested by our teams before being sent.

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Technical characteristics


24,5 – 35 - 76

7 - 51


30 - 999




What types of uses is this industrial distributor intended for?

This automatic dispenser for single or double sided adhesive tape has been designed to satisfy the requirements of medium and large factory production. It is therefore intended for intensive, repetitive use, and is specialised in cutting all types of adhesive to length.

The ZCM1100 is perfect for closing packages, as well as for assembling parts, closing boxes and cartons, etc. It is a very versatile electric dispenser that can be used at any stage of the production line.

What are the benefits of this secure tape cutter?

The key advantage of this dispenser resides in its automation. This allows an autonomous and extremely precise distribution, with a tolerance between 0.4 mm and 1 mm.

Therefore, it is very easy for the operator to use pieces of adhesive tape of predefined and identical sizes, thanks to a length programming system.

To do this, the user of the BIMA A695 dispenser simply needs to press the programming button and input the desired length using the arrow buttons and digital display indicating the measurement.

The other great characteristic of this device is observed in its dispenser modes. Within this automatic adhesive dispenser, there are three modes of use: automatic mode, semi-automatic mode and unwinding mode.

The automatic mode

This mode has been designed to lighten the industrial operator's task as much as possible. Thanks to a photoelectric detection cell, the unrolling of a second adhesive tape is done autonomously just after the recovery of the first piece of tape. The cell detects the removal of the first strip prior to releasing the next.

This mode only works when the programmable length function has been selected.

The semi-automatic mode

With this mode, the operator has more control over the process, which corresponds to less intensive production. Thus, the semi-automatic mode operates in conjunction with the programmed length selection. This way, once the tape has been taken, the ZCM1100 user will have to press the dispensing button in order for a new piece of tape to be dispensed.

The unwinding mode

Whilst using the unwinding mode, the automatic distribution of adhesive tape is once again limited. This mode is used outside the programmable length function. The operator will therefore decide visually, the length of adhesive tape they need by using the DOWN ARROW key. As long as this button is pressed, the adhesive roll will continue to unwind. When the key is released, the dispensing stops. It will then be necessary to press the SCISSOR key to proceed to the cutting.

The A695 not only features a high-performance automatic unwinding system, it also draws its originality from a highly sophisticated secure cutting system. Indeed, the automatic dispenser is equipped with a photosensitive detection cell that distinguishes objects other than the adhesive strips. It can detect fingers, tools, or any other material that differs from an adhesive tape. If one of these objects appears in the cutting line, the automatic dispenser immediately stops cutting.

Each part of the ZCM 1100 has therefore been meticulously engineered to produce an impeccable product.

Note that the ZCM1100 guillotine blade is made of reinforced steel. It has therefore been designed to remain robust and efficient despite intensive wear and tear. It will therefore maintain a perfect sturdiness for up to nearly 200,000 cuts. The characteristic of this blade is also observed in its guillotine cutting mode. The ZCM1100 guarantees its user a straight and perfectly clean cut.

This electric tape dispenser is also equipped with an adjustable pressure system. This feature allows the adjustment of the unwinding force of the adhesive rolls. Depending on the type or thickness of the adhesive used, its weight and unwinding speed can vary. The M1100 dispenser has a knob located above the cutting surface to regulate this pressure.

The casing is reinforced with a metal frame that guarantees resistance and sturdiness, while protecting the components it houses.

Furthermore, the automatic tape dispenser is covered with flame-retardant material. The device is therefore not flammable and thus meets the desired safety standards for industrial production.

Finally, the M1100 is very versatile when it comes to accommodating adhesive rolls of various types and sizes.

This automatic tape dispenser has a three-in-one transformable hub. Therefore, it is compatible with rolls with diameters of 25 mm, 38 mm and 76 mm. It can also accommodate rolls between 7 mm and 51 mm wide, with an outside diameter of up to 180 mm. With regard to the different types of adhesives, it is suitable for use with most adhesive rolls, single or double sided, except HBV and thick foam. Note that it is possible, as an option, to integrate a large roll support to offset a larger outside diameter into the ZCM1100.

This electronic dispenser distinguishes itself by its versatility, the quality of its materials, as well as the scope of its functionalities.

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Using this industrial dispenser for wide adhesive rolls

After installing the A695 dispenser, the user will need to choose between its different modes of use.

In automatic mode, first set the ON/OFF switch to ON. Then, press the AUTO button on the device, then program the desired length using the CM or MM buttons. Then adjust the pressure of the roll according to the size and thickness of the adhesive reel, then recover the first strip of adhesive tape. The next one will be distributed automatically thanks to the M1100 reel sensor.

In semi-automatic mode, set the ON/OFF switch to OFF to deactivate full automatic mode. Then press the AUTO button to unroll the tape to the length indicated on the digital panel. Press the AUTO button again for the next cut, and so on.

In unwinding mode, simply press the down arrow until the desired tape length is reached. Then press the CUT button on the device (illustrated with a pair of scissors) to cut the adhesive film. Repeat the operation to obtain the desired number of pieces of adhesive tape.

Setting up and loading the roll

The ZCM1100 is very simple to set up.

First, plug the power cord into the wall outlet. Remove the hub from the metal frame and palce the adhesive roll around it. Place the hub back on the base provided for this purpose, then start unrolling the tape. Make sure to unwind the tape from the top of the roll. Then place the end of teh strip onto the metal drive rollers, and press the DOWN ARROW key to position the adhesive outside the cassette. The automatic dispenser is ready for its first cut.

Dispenser maintenance and cleaning

Warning! This electronic tape dispenser must be serviced by a professional. Handling the blade and electrical systems can be dangerous for unqualified personnel.

Do not use wet cleaners. Avoid detergents, spray products and wipes. We recommend the use of dry fabrics for the maintenance of this device.

In addition, it is preferable to remove the roll of adhesive when the automatic dispenser is idle for long periods ot time. This is to avoid the accumulation of glue residue on the blade. However, if this were to happen, carefully apply a bit of silicone oil to the guillotine-cut blade.

Also pay attention to the wearing of the silicone discs located behind the cutting unit.

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