Automatic dispenser for tape type ZCM 0800


Automatic unwinder for large adhesive films

The ZCM0800 electric dispenser is a device designed to facilitate the automatic dispensing of traditional adhesive tape. Compact and lightweight, this tape dispenser is an ideal instrument for small and medium productions.

This scotch dispenser offers 3 predefined cutting length programs: 30mm, 45mm, and 90mm.

Dérouleur automatique pour découpe à longueur
Dévidoir de scotch industriel traditionnel
Conçu pour tout type de bobines fines

Each Derfi machine is an original machine and not a copy. All our tape dispensers are tested by our teams before being sent.

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Technical characteristics


24,5 - 76

7 - 25


30 - 45 - 90



What types of uses is this industrial distributor intended for?

This automatic tape dispenser is designed for the dispensing of standard adhesive tape. It is an ideal instrument for the administrative agent or the handler who regularly uses adhesive tapes in their activity.

In particular, the ZCM0800 automatic dispenser for adhesive rolls will come in handy on small and medium production assembly lines.

This adhesive cutting device will prove very useful on shipping lines, or for closing small boxes and packages.

What are the benefits of this secure tape cutter?

The main advantage of this industrial adhesive film dispenser is the considerable time savings for the operator. Repetitive handling of tape can be long and tedious. The ZCM800 addresses these issues by automatically dispensing pieces of scotch to length.

Indeed, thanks to a photoelectric detection cell, the dispensing of adhesive tapes runes smoothly and and is made very simple. The M800 user will automatically see a new piece of tape appear once the previous one has been taken.

In addition, this electric tape dispenser for adhesive tapes offers the distribution of tapes based on programmed lengths. The device has a selector switch with 3 lengths: 30 mm, 45 mm and 90 mm. This standardisation of cutting lengths has been designed to suit the regular use of different operators. Whatever the task of the ZCM0800 user may be, they will obtain clean and precisely cut strips of tape thus facilitating the exercise their work.

For the operator who wishes to obtain pieces of scotch of shorter or longer lengths than those programmed, a button is provided for continuous dispensing as long as the button is kept pressed.

The drive rollers of the unit have also been designed to deliver a perfectly even, straight adhesive tape. The use of the ZCM 0800 therefore prevents the many mess associated with the handling of pieces of scotch.

Another advantage of this automatic dispenser is that it can be used with one hand. Very stable despite its low weight, the operator will be able to recover adhesives with one hand and perform another task with their free hand.

Additionally, it should be noted that a battery operated version of the ZCM 0800 is available. The advantage of the battery version is that it is very easy to transport and move.

The M800 automatic dispenser for adhesive films can accommodate rolls with a core diameter of 24.5 mm and 76 mm. Regarding the widths of these rolls, they may not exceed 24 mm. Finally, the unit can only support adhesive rolls with an outside diameter of 135 mm or less.

The ZCM 0800 is therefore a versatile and very practical instrument, which will help its users with significant time savings.

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What types of uses is this industrial distributor for large adhesive rolls intended for?

Once the tape dispenser is connected and installed, choose the length of tape to be cut that best suits the situation. By moving the selector, the operator will have the choice between the following lengths: 30 mm, 45 mm and 90 mm. For users wishing to cut other lengths than those programmed into the device, press the oval button on the front of the unit. Dispensing will continue until the button is released. Finally, proceed to the cutting by pulling the piece of tape slightly down to accompany it on the notched blade of the device. A new piece of adhesive will then be released.

Setting up and loading the roll

Installing the ZCM 0800 automatic reel is very simple. Simply plug the device into the mains, or place the corresponding batteries into it, depending on the model chosen. Then grasp the detachable hub of the electric dispenser and place the roll of adhesive around it. Make sure that the roller is oriented so that the unwinding takes place from the top of the roll. Then peel off the end of the adhesive tape and accompany it to the metal drive rollers. Finally press the ADVANCE button to bring out the scotch to the other side of the dispensing cassette. The automatic tape dispenser is now ready for use.

Maintenance and cleaning

It is best to have this machine serviced by a professional technician. Handling the internal components of the unit can be dangerous and can damage the unit. Avoid contact with blades and electrical systems.

It is also recommended that the ZCM0800 device be cleaned with a dry cloth, thus avoiding the use of all detergents and wet wipes.

It is also advisable to remove the adhesive roll from the unit when it is not in use. This prevents the accumulation of glue residue on the blade of the electric dispenser.

Spare parts

DERFI offers the shipping of all spare parts for the ZCM800, we have all parts in stock and can ship them to you as soon as possible.

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Spare parts


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