Automatic programmable adhesive tape dispenser RT9000 F (6 cutting lengths)


Automatic programmable adhesive dispenser

The RT9000 F is the third automatic tape dispenser in the RT range. Just like the [RT7000](RT7000 product) and [RT7700](RT7700 product), this electronic dispenser is designed for the intensive and lengthy distribution of adhesive tape pieces.

This automatic adhesive dispenser has a programming system that can store up to 6 preferred cutting lengths. However, the feature that sets the RT9000 F apart from the rest of the range is its unique "fold" function, that allows for the folding of a strip of tape onto itself. This feature has been designed for the operator needing to use adhesive tape without necessarily needing to handle it and fold it manually. Thus, two distribution modes are available on this device: a semi-automatic mode and an automatic mode. This industrial tape dispenser allows for a considerable boost in productivity, which results in greater time savings and genuine working comfort.

Automatic adhesive tape dispenser
Industrial adhesive tape folding dispenser
6 programmable lengths

Each Derfi machine is an original machine and not a copy. All our tape dispensers are tested by our teams before being sent.

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Technical characteristics






230 / 50


What use is this electric adhesive film dispenser intended for?

This automatic dispenser has been designed for the cutting to length of single and double-sided adhesive tapes (with or without liner). It is therefore suitable for use by industrial operators whose activity requires the repeated and measured distribution of adhesive strips. This electronic adhesive dispenser is therefore ideal for [masking] (SEO Masking) or assembly operations. It is also very useful in the protection of parts during [plastic injection] (SEO plastic injection). The RT9000 F is also very efficient for closing cardboard boxes or manufacturing crates and boxes. The folding option is also ideal for [indicative marking for wired systems] (SEO marking page). 

Finally, this automatic device can unwind double-sided adhesive rolls. It is therefore very suitable for use in the [leather goods] industry (SEO Maroquinier), or for the installation of wall or floor pieces. 

What are the advantages of this programmable adhesive tape dispenser?

The first benefit of the RT9000 F is its automatic cutting system.  This automatic dispenser allows the user to preset up to 6 cutting lengths ranging between 5 mm and 999 mm. The operator can thus decide on a first length of 20 mm for A, a length of 25 mm for B and so on up to the letter F. This feature is very practical for all activities requiring the handling of adhesives of different lengths. It should be noted that the navigation between the different programs can be carried out manually. The predefined cutting length program can be changed by using the selection key, or automatically by providing the length of the tape pieces to be dispensed for each program so that at the end of program A, program B starts automatically. The use of these length programs is supported by both the semi-automatic mode and automatic mode.

The semi-automatic mode:

This mode provides the operator with semi manual distribution for a moderately intensive production. Thus, once the length programming key has been selected, the dispensing will be automatic but this will require the operator of the adhesive tape dispenser to press the release key in order to obtain a new piece of adhesive tape after retrieving the previous one.

The automatic mode:

This mode offers a fully automated use. This way, once the first strip has been delivered, a second strip will automatically appear after the first piece of adhesive film has been retrieved. This automation is made possible by a photoelectric detection cell located at the dispensing end of the device where the cut strips are made available. Thus, this option assists the operator in the performance of their task. In addition, this automatic dispenser guarantees its user a clean and extremely precise cut, with a tolerance in length of 1 mm. The RT9000 F blade is placed on a guillotine cutting system that ensures a straight and fast cut with an output speed calculated at 200 mm per second.  Additionally, this adhesive tape dispenser has proven its versatility as it can accommodate rolls of adhesives of various sizes. The RT9000 F can accommodate adhesive tapes ranging between 6 mm and 60 mm in width. 

Thanks to the absence of the hub, this electronic adhesive dispenser can accommodate two different rolls (in terms of type and size) simultaneously. To do so, an adjustable separator is provided with the device. This option is very practical, especially when the device is shared between two operators working at the same workstation Note that the automatic mode only dispenses two adhesives at a time, meaning that the next two strips of tape will only be released once both of the previous strips have been retrieved.  The device can also hold adhesive rolls whose external diameter can reach up to 300 mm.  For specific rolls, DERFI offers the [custom manufacturing](send to page Custom manufacturing) of suitable dispensers according to requirements.  Another great feature of this industrial automatic adhesive dispenser is that it can also fold the strip of the adhesive to be dispensed. As it is released, the tape is folded over itself so that the part retrieved is not sticky, as shown on the video.  Finally, this electronic adhesive tape dispenser is compatible with most adhesives found on the market, except for a few such as VHB or acrylic foam adhesives.  The RT9000 F is a useful and powerful automatic dispenser.

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Using this automatic industrial tape dispenser 


The RT9000 F has been developed for the intensive cutting of adhesive films to length. It is also mainly intended for the automatic cutting of adhesive strips to length, with the additional option of folding the strip of tape over itself. This folding option is exclusive to the RT9000 F.

Starting up the device and loading the roll

Connect the automatic dispenser to a 250 V / 50 Hz socket using the power cable supplied with the device. Then raise the roller protection flap to insert the roll of adhesive tape. Be sure to place it so that it can be unwound from the top of the roll. Unwind one end of the adhesive film and place it onto the drive rollers. Press the scroll down button (blue button) to place the end of the roll in front of the dispensing cassette, then close the protective flap and select the operating mode. 


The RT9000 F can store up to 6 programmable preset lengths ranging from A to F.  Input the preferred cutting lengths for each of the 6 programs. To do this, press the SELECT button and select a program A, B, C, D, E or F. Then adjust the desired length using the + and - buttons on the device. The scrolling will be done in 1 mm increments. For faster scrolling, in 5 mm increments, hold down the + key. Press the select button again to set the next program. 

Semi-Automatic Mode

First make sure that the blue LED on the device is inactive. If it is on, press the AUTO/MANU button to switch it off. Then press the START key to proceed with the dispensing and repeat the operation for the following sequences.

Automatic Mode

For this mode, make sure that the LED is lit. If this is not the case, press the AUTO / MANU button on the electronic dispenser to switch it on. Then select the desired cutting program(s) to make a first cut. Thanks to the photoelectric detection cell, a new piece of tape will be dispensed once the previous piece has been retrieved. To automatically navigate between the different programs, press and hold the AUTO/MANU button in automatic mode. To activate the "fold" option of the adhesive, simply press the purple button intended for this purpose. A strip with a folded end will automatically be dispensed by the device.

Predefining a number of cuts

The number of cuts desired can be predefined thanks to the following two modes:

Predefined mode (P-Mode)

This mode allows the user to define in advance the number of strips of adhesive tape desired. It is a feature that can be used in both automatic and semi-automatic modes. Simply select one of the A, B, C, D, E or F settings using the SELECT button. Press and hold the button again until LCON appears on the digital display. Release the button and press the SELECT button again until the letter P appears on the display. Then determine the desired number of cuts (from 5 to 999 pieces) required for the previously selected set length using the + and - keys on the device.

Loop mode (L-MODE)

This mode is only intended for cutting non-adhesive tapes. This mode continuously unwinds and cuts strips of tape. It does not require manual intervention to remove the strips cut.

Using 2 rolls simultaneously

This device allows for the use of two rolls, each not exceeding 24 mm wide to be used at the same time. The separator intended for this purpose is located under the dispenser. Simply position it in the intended location to allow for the use of two rolls.

Cleaning & Maintenance

It is strongly recommended that the RT9000 F be serviced by a professional. Handling blades and electrical circuits can be dangerous and is not recommended. Simple daily care can contribute to extending the lifespan of a device: blades should be cleaned using plastic-friendly solvents such as white spirits, lubricating the blades with the silicone oil provided will help prevent the buildup of adhesive residues and facilitate the device’s cutting action.

Spare parts

DERFI offers repair and maintenance for this automatic adhesive dispenser. We also deliver any necessary spare parts to your location.


Spare parts


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