Distributor automatic separator of liner for labels type LD3500


Compact automatic dispenser for transparent labels

This automatic dispenser was designed for the high-speed dispensing of transparent labels. It is compatible with most liners and automatically recovers them thanks to a roller installed on the device.

It is a compact electric label dispenser that allows the industrial operator to work comfortably in a small work space.

The dispenser is also extremely robust, made entirely of anodised aluminium steel. It will resist intensive use and harsh conditions of use in factories or workshops.

This Labelmoto will be a crucial asset for any user whose activity requires the dispensing and quick handling of transparent labels.

Automatic high speed label dispenser
Transparent label dispenser
Semi-automatic system

Each Derfi machine is an original machine and not a copy. All our tape dispensers are tested by our teams before being sent.

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Technical characteristics



6 - 57


6 - 76


230 / 50

155 x 178 x 272


What kind of uses is this electric auto-adhesive label dispenser intended for ?

The LD3500 Labelmoto is mainly intended for the automatic dispensing of transparent adhesive labels. It is compatible with all types of liner materials, such as vinyl, paper, foam, acetate, polyester, and others.

High-speed electric label dispensers are used in many industries. They are generally used in factories, for mass shipping, but also for the placement of packaging stickers, particularly in the food, cosmetics and medical industries. This dispenser is popular in the placing of transparent protectors on watch dials or other jewellery items.

In this case, this electronic dispenser for transparent adhesive stickers will be particularly useful on operating workstations that do not have sufficient space to accommodate larger devices.

What are the advantages of this automatic label dispenser ?

The LD3500 initially represents a considerable productivity gain for its user. This is the result of a fully automated system. This automatic label dispenser boasts a handy liner recuperation system by means of an internal roll and a system of drive rollers. This feature saves space and time all while contributing to the tidiness of the work space. The only action needed by the operator is to manually retrieve the labels from the automatic dispenser.

The other particularity of this dispenser for adhesive labels is the high-speed distribution of transparent adhesive stickers. Thus, the LD3500 delivers labels with a measured rate of 56 millimeters per second.

This electric dispenser is also convenient due to its small dimensions. Very compact, it is nevertheless as efficient as its counterparts from the [LD60] range (Product page LD6025 LD6050 LD6100). Its dimensions have been specifically designed to meet the space requirements of certain operators.

This transparent adhesive label dispenser also boasts high discharge accuracy. The device is equipped with a photoelectric detection cell that perceives the removal of a label by the user and automatically dispenses the next label. This adjustable cell makes it possible to calculate the length of the dispensing according to the inclination of its angle. This feature ensures the distribution of labels at length between 13 mm and 101.6 mm.

Similarly to the [LD3000] (LD3000 product page), this Labelmoto is very robust. It is made from anodized aluminum which protects all its components from daily rough use associated with industrial activity.

The LD3500 automatic dispenser for transparent labels allows the dispensing of all types of transparent label tapes. This label dispenser can accommodate rolls with an external diameter of 190 mm and a width between 6 mm and 57 mm.

The LD3500 also distinguishes itself through its compatibility with rolls of various sizes. Thus this device can accommodate rolls that are 57 mm wide with a maximum outside diameter of 190 mm. The size of the roll should not exceed 76 millimetres.

Finally, it should be noted that this high-speed label dispenser is equipped with an adjustable brake brush to adjust the pressure exerted on the labels in order to facilitate the separation of the adhesive label from the backing paper.

To maintain perfect control, the LD3500 is also equipped with a high torque motor to support all types of rolls.

This labelling machine thus guarantees a considerable increase in productivity.

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Using this automatic industial label dispenser

Using the Labelmoto LD 3500 is extremely simple and intuitive. First, press the main switch so that the ON position is activated. A first label will automatically be dispensed. The user will therefore need to retrieve the first sticker in order for a new one to appear automatically.

Starting-up the labeler and loading up a new roll

First connect the electric distributor for transparent labels to a power source. Then place the roll of labels around the reel, so that the unwinding is done from the top of the reel. Unroll the strip of translucent adhesive labels and guide the end of the roll of labels under the adjustable pressure brush. Then, remove a label from the liner so as to have a blank piece of liner. Wrap this backing paper around the winding machine provided for this purpose and secure everything in place with the metal locking rod. Tighten the adjustable brush pressure to preference using the metal knob on the distribution axis.

Finally, adjust the axis of the photoelectric sensor according to the length of the transparent labels. The electrical dispenser is now ready for use.

Labeler cleaning & maintenance

This LD 3500 label dispenser is very durable. It therefore requires virtually no maintenance. However, it is recommended to clean it from time to time, especially if there is an accumulation of dust or residue from intensive use.

Spare-parts replacement

DERFI has all the spare parts that make up this automatic dispenser for transparent labels. We offer the fastest possible delivery of all these spare parts.

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