Secure manual dispenser for adhesive type KM828


Lever manual dispenser for adhesive tapes

This manual adhesive dispenser with lever has been designed for fast dispensing and to length cutting of adhesive tape. Compact and intuitive in use, this tape dispenser is ideal for use in the workshop, but will suit both the individual and office employee. The KM828 is compatible with one 50 mm wide adhesive roll or two 25 mm wide adhesive rolls.

Dérouleur de coupe à longueur
Dévidoir de scotch pour professionnel ou particulier
Conçu pour des bobines de tailles standard

Each Derfi machine is an original machine and not a copy. All our tape dispensers are tested by our teams before being sent.

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Technical characteristics



2x25 / 50



100 x 210 x 150


What kind of uses is this manual adhesive tape dispenser intended for ?

This manual dispenser is mainly intended for the standard use of adhesive tape. It is very practical on industrial production lines, but is also perfectly suited for home or office use.

The KM828 will be very useful in the repeated tasks conducted by industrial operators within the production chain. This tape dispenser reduces the time of the cutting process by limiting it to the simple pressure of the lever after determining the length of the tape. The gesture is simple, effortless and can be done with one hand. This manual dispenser is also equipped with a safety serrated cut thus meeting the requirements of intensive production.

As for the individual, the KM828 is equipped with a length cutting system enabled by an adjustable lever. This adhesive dispenser is therefore ideal for closing or reinforcing cartons or any other type of packaging. It is very handy and is easily used for moving or packing parcels for sending.

The KM828 is also very practical when equipped with two thin rolls. This is particularly useful for users needing to regularly use adhesives that are cut to a certain length.

What are the advantages of this adhesive tape dispenser?

The main feature of this manual dispenser is its cutting to length system. The KM828 is equipped with an adjustable lever. This intuitive cutting system allows the measured and regular cutting with a simple hand movement. The angle of the lever then defines the rough length of the cut-out. However, this measurement does not necessarily determine the final length of the adhesive tape. The user may need to operate the lever several times in order to obtain the correct length of tape desired. If the adjustable lever is set for a 15-centimetre cut, the operator can increase the length of the tape dispensed in 15 centimetre intervals in order to obtain a 60-centimetre piece of tape, for example.

The second advantage of the KM828 is that it is extremely robust and heavy enough for stable and comfortable use thanks to its heavy base. This device does not need to be mounted onto a table in order to be used.

Despite its weight of 1.8 kg, this tape dispenser remains easily transportable. It is very useful for mobile activities that require the regular transport and moving of tools. This device is ideal for closing packages or boxes as part of a move, where it is often very practical to be able to walk around easily with an adhesive dispenser in hand.

Another specific feature of this safe tape dispensing machine is that it can accommodate either a 50 mm wide roll or two small 25 mm rolls. This feature enables the KM828 manual dispenser to be used in a variety of different applications as the user is able to use two different rolls of adhesive depending on their size, colour and material, one after the other or at the same time.

It should be noted that this dispenser is compatible with rolls that have a 76 mm diameter mandrel. However, the main specificity of this device is that it is compatible with adhesive tapes with a maximum outer diameter of 120 millimetres.

In addition, the KM828 has a secure toothed blade cutting system. The cutting is carried out from below which reduces the chance of the blade coming into contact with fingers

In addition, this manual dispenser is compatible with most standard adhesive tapes but is not intended for use with tapes that are too rigid or too thick.

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Using this heavy-base tape dispenser

To use this adhesive dispenser, simply install the roll of adhesive and set the desired length to tape to be cut. To do this, simply loosen the knob at the base of the lever and determine the positioning of the rod by deciding the width of its angle, then tighten the knob. The length of the tape is directly related to the amplitude of the lever movement. Thus a small angle will dispense short pieces of tape, while a wider angle will allow the dispensing of longer strips of adhesive tape. Operate the lever and to dispense a strip of tape.

For longer lengths, operate the lever several times before cutting.

Setting up the device and loading a roll

First remove the hub from the dispenser. Position the roll around it before putting the hub back on its base. Make sure to position the tape so that the unwinding is from the top of roll - in an anti-clockwise direction. Lift the cover containing the blade and unroll the tape. Finally, pass the adhesive tape over the black plastic rollers and underneath the cylindrical steel blade. The device is now ready for use.

Cleaning & Maintenance

No maintenance is required for this dispenser.


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