Manual dispenser for adhesive type DND1500 / 1600


Manual dispensers for adhesive tapes

The DND 1500 and DND 1600 are adhesive tape dispensers designed for the fast distribution of adhesive tapes to length. These are very lightweight dispensers that will fit perfectly to the tables, workbenches and all vertical work planes.

Two models are presented here. The first, the DND 1500, is suitable for rolls with a width of up to 25 mm while the second, the DND 1600 is intended for adhesive tapes that are up to 50 mm wide.

These are two very robust manual dispensers that will be perfect for the industrial operator, as well as for traders and individuals.

The DND 1500 and DND 1600 are very intuitive and very easy to use adhesive film dispensing devices.

Manual adhesive film dispenser
Light dispenser
Designed for all types of adhesive tapes

Each Derfi machine is an original machine and not a copy. All our tape dispensers are tested by our teams before being sent.

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Technical characteristics

DND 1500 25/76 25 220 30x100x70 0,100
DND 1600 25/76 50 220 55x100x70 0,170

What types of uses is this manual adhesive film dispenser intended for?

These manual dispensers can serve all kinds of purposes. They are popular among shipping companies for the closing of cardboard boxes and other parcels before shipment. Although highly effective in the industrial environment, the DND 1500 and DND 1600 manual dispensers are also suitable for individuals, particularly in the context of moving or for use in offices. It is also possible to use these adhesive tape dispensers for the protection of canvases in the field of graphic arts, as well as for various general tasks in the fields of crafts, industry and commerce.

What are the benefits of this secure cutting dispenser?

The main advantage of these table-mountable tape dispensers lies in their practicality. Small and lightweight, these manual dispensers are very easy to carry. They are very simple models in composition and use. They are each composed of a hub, a support bar and a serrated blade. The DND 1500 and DND 1600 are therefore extremely easy to use. To use these manual dispensers, simply pull the end of the adhesive tape and bring it to the cutting surface, then through the tape using the steel notched blade of the dispenser.

DND 1500 and DND 1600 are also *highly sturdy adhesive tape dispensing devices.** Made entirely from rigid steel, these scotch tape devices will withstand the most active work plans and workbenches. They are also small in size which means that they won't take up too much space on the busy tables found in production areas.

Another characteristic of these manual dispensers appears in their straight and fast cutting capabilities. The DND 1500 and DND 1600 are each equipped with a rigid serrated blade. This blade is made entirely of steel. It is the notches and shape of the blade that ensure a simple and very efficient cut. There is a secure version of this dispenser under the reference [DND1500S] (Product DND1500S DND1600S). The rest of our secure industrial tape dispensers are available here [secure industrial scotch dispenser] (DERFI manufacture dispenser category page).

This small device requires little to no maintenance as its metal coating helps protect it from dust and the usual dirt found in an industrial environment or in a workshop. Cleaning of the DND 1500 and DND 1600 will therefore be very superficial.

These adhesive film distributors can be fastened to all types of horizontal or vertical surfaces, such as tables or workbenches.

The DND 1500 can accommodates rolls with mandrels of 25 mm or 76 mm. The DND 1600 is only compatible with 76 mm mandrels. As for the roll width, the DND 1500 can accommodate rolls with a maximum width of 25 mm, while the DND 1600 is compatible with rolls that are 50 mm wide.

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Using this manual adhesive tape dispenser

As previously demonstrated, the DND 1500 and DND 1600 are very easy to use. Once the tape dispenser has been mounted to a surface, simply pull one end of the tape to the cut line. With a simple hand gesture, cut the tape by placing the adhesive tape on the serrated steel blade. The tape will be cut instantly.

Setting and loading the roll

First of all, proceed to securing the manual dispenser to a flat surface using the the two screws provided with the DND 1500 or DND 1600 device and place them through the perforations provided for this purpose.

Then, place the adhesive roll around the hub of the DND 1500 or DND. Make sure the roll of scotch tape is unwound from the top of the roll, towards the front of the device. Once the roll is in place, take the end of the adhesive strip and bring it back towards the serrated blade located on the front of the unit. With an easy hand gesture exert pressure downwards to make the first cut. The manual dispensers are ready for use.

Maintenance and cleaning the dispensers

Almost no maintenance is required for these devices. The DND 1500 and DND 1600 are built out of smooth steel that prevents the accumulation of dust and residues. However, it is important to keep the serrated blade clean. If glue accumulates on the blade after continuous intensive use, simply apply detergent to remove all residues.

Spare parts

All components of DND 1500 and DND 1600 are available on our premises. Should any parts of the DND 1500 or DND 1600 require replacement due to excessive wear or in the event of a manufacturing defect, DERFI offers the delivery and repair of all detachable parts of this manual dispenser with secure cutting system.


Spare parts


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