Manual dispenser for adhesive tapes type DND 64/25


Manual dispenser device with heavy base for adhesive films

The DND 64/25 dispenser is a manual scotch tape dispenser designed for use with standard-size adhesive rolls. Equipped with a heavy base, this manual device is easily transportable and does not require a table or workbench attachment.

The DND 64/25 is a very sturdy dispenser that will withstand the rough and heavy use related to industrial activity.

Manual dispenser of adhesive films
Heavy scotch dispenser
Designed for standard size spools

Each Derfi machine is an original machine and not a copy. All our tape dispensers are tested by our teams before being sent.

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Technical characteristics






What types of uses is this manual adhesive film dispenser intended for?

This manual dispenser for adhesive tape is designed for use with 25 mm standard width scotch tapes. This highly versatile scotch tape dispenser will lighten the load of the industrial operator or trader in their daily activities. This weighted tape dispenser is equally useful in an office as well as for personal use. The DND 64/25 is also popular in graphic arts workshops or for the design of technical hardware.

This dispenser is mainly used for the closure of boxes and parcels, for collage and paper marking and for the assembly of parts for structuring.

What are the benefits of this manual device for tape?

The main advantage of this manual tape dispenser with heavy base is its practicality. This small device is convenient and very easy to use. The operator simply has to pull one end of the adhesive tape to the desired length and then with a simple gesture of the hand, proceed to the cutting of a piece of tape by using the rigid serrated steel blade.

The blade of the DND 64/25 was designed to guarantee the quick and straight cut of most of the adhesives on the market and results in the clean and neat cutting of adhesive tape.

The DND 64/25 is an extremely robust manual tape dispenser. It was designed to withstand the environments of big productions and factory lines and will easily make its way to work areas in factories and workshops.

While most manual adhesive tape dispensing devices are designed to be mounted onto a table or workbench, this manual dispenser is very user friendly thanks to its built-in heavy base which also allows for the easy carrying and moving of the device. The DND 64/25 weighs 1.88 kg and ensures the stability of the scotch tape throughout cutting whilst allowing for one-hand use. This feature is convenient for the operator seeking to increase their productivity while being able to use their other second hand to perform another task.

The DND 64/25 manual dispenser was built to be compatible with rolls of adhesive tape with a maximum outside diameter of 125 mm. As far as the width of the adhesive tape is concerned, it should not exceed 25 mm. This manual sticky tape dispenser is compatible with mandrels that are either 25 mm or 76 mm thanks to the hub adapter supplied with the unit.

This DND 64/25 is therefore an instrument that will be highly appreciated in small and medium-sized productions.

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Using this heavy-base industrial dispenser

As explained earlier and illustrated in the presentation video, the use of the DND 64/25 is as simple as it is intuitive. The user will simply need to pull the end of the adhesive tape to the desired length, then guide the strip towards the serrated steel blade to cut a piece of tape.

Setting up and loading the roll

Place the device on a flat work surface. Select the adhesive roll to be used and place it on the DND 64/25 roll hub. Make sure to orient the tape so that it is unwound from the top of the roll. Loosen the end of the adhesive tape and accompany it to the cutting line. Then place the adhesive on the serrated blade. The scotch tape dispenser is now ready for use.


This scotch tape dispenser is very sturdy. As a result, it hardly requires any maintenance. If, however, certain parts of the DND 64/25 were to deteriorate or to show any malfunction, DERFI has all the spare parts for this device and offers the repair or replacement of each of these components.


Spare parts


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