Manual tape dispenser type DND 2111


Manual dispenser for cutting adhesive films

The DND 2111 is a manual dispenser designed for the cutting of adhesives on rolls of all sizes. This tape dispenser is compatible with rolls of tape that are up to 100 mm in width and 200 mm in outside diameter. This device is not only known for its wide range of compatible rolls of adhesives but also for its sturdiness and durability. Made entirely from painted sheet metal, the DND 2111 is designed to be suitable for intensive industrial production.

Thus this cutting dispenser for adhesive films will effectively serve the industrial operator seeking to increase their productivity.

Manual cutting dispenser
Scotch dispenser for straight cut
Designed for hosting large rolls

Each Derfi machine is an original machine and not a copy. All our tape dispensers are tested by our teams before being sent.

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Technical characteristics

DND 2111





What kind of uses is this manual adhesive tape dispenser intended for ?

The specificity of this dispenser is that it can accommodate rolls of all sizes. Thus, this manual dispenser covers a wide range of uses. It is preferred when closing cartons, parcels and other boxes, though the DND 2111 will also be useful for upholstery manufacturing, for the protection of luxury goods, wall applications, etc...

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What are the advantages of this adhesive tape dispensing device ?

First of all, the DND 2111 is an extremely user-friendly tape dispenser. A simple hand movement enables the instantaneous cutting of adhesive pieces, regardless of the roll.

The other particularity of this dispenser is its capacity to accommodate adhesive rolls. The DND 2111 manual dispenser is compatible with very thin and very wide rolls that are up to 100 mm in width and can accommodate rolls that have an outer diameter that is up to 200 mm. This versatility achieved thanks to the devices' wide frame and two stabilisers that hold the roll of tape in position. The DND 2111 can accommodate varied dimensions of mandrel sizes.

The DND 2111 is equipped with perforations on the bast of the device allowing the dispenser to be mounted onto table tops and benches. This convenient feature assures that the dispenser is held steady and stable during use.

This tape dispenser comes equipped with a rigid steel notched blade. It is this blade that allows for the straight and instantaneous cutting of adhesive tape.

Finally this manual tape dispenser is very resistant. Entirely made from painted sheet metal, this adhesive cutting device is extremely durable. It has been designed to suit the different constraints of industrial environments.

Using this industrial adhesive tape dispenser

The DND 2111 manual dispenser is very easy to use. After loading the roll of adhesive, all the user has to do is to pull the adhesive tape back to the cutting line. Then, simply bring the adhesive tape to the notched blade to proceed with cutting.

Setting-up the device and loading a roll

To load an adhesive roll into this device, ensure that the roll is set in between the two metal frame hubs and place it on the base of the DND 2111 manual dispenser that is provided for this purpose. Make sure to orient the roll so that the tape is unwound from the top of the roll. Take the end of the adhesive tape and pull it to the steel notched blade. The DND 2111 tape dispenser is now ready for its first use.

Cleaning & Maintenance

Almost no maintenance is required for this unit. Just remember to check the condition of the blade from time to time as glue residue can accumulate on it causing inferior cuts. To clean the blade, simply use detergent to wipe a way any excess glue and dirt. Should any parts of the device need replacing or repair, DERFI keeps stock of all components of the DND 2111 manual tape dispensing device.


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