Manual dispenser for wide adhesive spools type DND 1100


Manual dispenser for large adhesive films

The DND 1100 is a manual dispenser of the DND range. This manual scotch tape dispenser was designed for the quick and easy dispensing of adhesive film pieces. In addition, the adhesive roll dispenser can accommodate all types of rolls with a width of 50 mm, or two rolls that are 25 mm wide simultaneously.

Light and discreet, this tape cutting device will serve both the industrial operator and the individual seeking to increase their productivity thanks to a versatile high quality tool.

Adhesive tape dispenser to fix
Manual tape dispenser for professionals and individuals
Designed for standard size reels

Each Derfi machine is an original machine and not a copy. All our tape dispensers are tested by our teams before being sent.

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Technical characteristics

DND 1100





What types of uses is this dual track manual dispenser for adhesive films intended for?

This manual DND 1100 is a dispenser designed to cut standard-sized pieces of scotch tape. This robust device is popular for many different types of applications and industries. The DND 1100 is very effective for sealing cardboard boxes and other parcels, especially in shipping areas. It can also be used for shaping, gluing and other crafts. The DND 1100 is also useful in the indicative marking of electrical cable networks.

This manual dispenser is a very versatile instrument because it allows the use of adhesive rolls of standard sizes and is suitable for all types of adhesives.

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What are the benefits of this manual device for tape?

The DND 1100 has been specially designed for the simplified distribution of tape. The handling of scotch tape pieces can be frustrating when using standard equipment intended for occasional use. The industrial operator, the commercial trader or the warehouseman are required to use scotch tape dispensers on a regular basis and therefore need sturdy, efficient and particularly user friendly devices. The DND 1100 perfectly meets this criteria.

The simplicity of use is the result of a refined search to optimize the user's experience.

This manual one-track dispenser features perforations on its base that enable the user to screw the tape dispenser to table or work surface. Once securely fastened to the work surface, the user of the DND 1100 will notice a gain in stability and comfort when cutting their adhesive tape. The operator will also be able to single-handedly cut pieces of scotch tape while keeping their other free for tasks.

It is the special blade featured on this device that allows for an increase in the cutting speed of the scotch pieces. This serrated blade has been made from rigid steel that allows an immediate cut when in contact with the adhesive. The sharp serrated edge is designed to cut all types of adhesive films.

The DND 1100 adhesive tape dispenser for single-sided and double-sided tapes is extremely sturdy. Its casing is composed of painted sheet metal which is exceptionally durable when faced with the rough and heavy use of production lines in large factories. The DND 1100 manual dispenser will withstand the abuses related to intensive use and production.

Another feature of this manual scotch tape dispenser is that it has versatile hubs. The device is equipped with two hubs with the same dimensions so they can accommodate two separate rolls of adhesive of different material, color and/or size. This feature is very useful for an operator needing to handle two different rolls of adhesive tape simultaneously. As part of the indicative marking, it can be very convenient to use strips of tape that are different in color. Similarly, the presence of these two hubs can allow two users to share the same tape dispenser depending on their needs.

The versatility of these hubs also lies in their positioning. These were placed close enough together to support a single roll with a width of 50 mm should the need arise for a wider type of adhesive tape. This dispenser allows for different types of uses.

The DND 1100 manual tape dispenser is compatible with either two rolls that are each 25 mm in width or a single adhesive roll that is 50 mm wide, providing that their mandrel diameters is 76mm. Regarding the external diameter of these rolls of adhesive film, the latter cannot exceed 160 mm.

An optional screw-on clamp system can be added to the DND 1100 manual dispenser so as to secure the device on all sides to a table or workbench. For this feature, ask for the DND 1190 version.

Using this industrial tape dispenser that can be screwed onto a table

The DND 1100 is very easy to use. Once attached to a table, simply pull the end of the strip of adhesive and bring it back to the cutting line level. Then, with a vertical gesture, bring the tape to the serrated blade and proceed with the immediate cutting of the sticky tape.

Setting up and loading the roll

First, screw this manual dispenser to a work surface using the perforations provided for this purpose that are located on the base of the device. Once the screws are installed, place the required roll(s) of adhesive around the black hub(s). Make sure to position the tape so that the dispensing of scotch pieces is done from the top of the roll as it goes through the rollers. Peel off the end of the strip of adhesive tape and bring it back to the cutting surface. Then place it on the serrated blade of the unit. The DND 1100 scotch tape distributor is ready for use.


This manual dispenser requires virtually no maintenance. This very sturdy device can withstand shocks and wear. However, in the case of a manufacturing fault on one of the parts of the unit, DERFI has all the components of the DND 1100 and thus offers the repair and delivery of all the detachable parts of the device.

For cleaning, simply use wipes or dry fabric with any type of care product. For the blade, rather use detergent if there is an accumulation of glue residues on the steel teeth.


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