Manual adhesive tape dispenser with safe-cut system DIC50


Manual adhesive tape dispenser with safe-cut system for large rolls

This adhesive dispenser is one of the most robust from our range of products. Made in France from stainless steel, this 1.8 kilogram manual dispenser is stable and extremely resistant. The DIC50 is equipped with a safe-cut system, a Solingen blade, and has an optional adjustable stopper for a straight, neat and precise cut. Very easy to use, this industrial dispenser for 50 mm tape is ideal for intense production.

Dispenser with safe-cut system
Industrial adhesive tape dispenser
Designed for large adhesive rolls

Each Derfi machine is an original machine and not a copy. All our tape dispensers are tested by our teams before being sent.

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Technical characteristics







What use is this manual adhesive tape dispenser intended for

This manual dispenser was designed to handle standard rolls in an industrial environment. It is ideal in areas of intensive use where 50-millimeter-wide adhesive tapes are used. The DIC50 is therefore the perfect tool to close and strengthen cardboard boxes. This device is also very useful for the marouflage of parts before applying paint, notably in the motor vehicle and aeronautical industries. The precision of its straight and sliding blade facilitates cutting. The DIC50 adhesive dispenser is essential for measured and standardised cutting activities such as in the pharmaceutical industry and in the manufacture of medical equipment.

What are the advantages of this manual adhesive tape dispenser with safe-cut system?

The DIC50 stands out from other devices in the DS range by the precision of its cut. This manual dispenser is fully equipped with a Solingen blade attached to a sliding cutter. No extra time or unnecessary measures are needed in order to guarantee a perfectly-straight cut. Simply slide the cutter along the cutting line where the adhesive tape is to be cut. This is a very simple and fluid action that requires both hands. Furthermore, the quality of the Solingen blade guarantees straight and neat cuts throughout the lifespan of the device without degrading over time.

Another big benefit using the DIC50 lies in the DERFI design of the device's safe-cut system. It is common knowledge that operators tend to injure themselves whilst conducting a repetitive task. Adhesive dispensers can be dangerous, notably when used in environments of intense production. DERFI developed a system which prevents all harm from occurring during the cutting of the adhesive. The space between the cutter and the cutting line has been studied and designed in such a way that fingers cannot reach the cutting blade.

The DIC50 is a dispenser for large adhesive rolls. It can accommodate for 50-millimeter-wide rolls that have an external diameter of up to 180-millimeters. The fact that this device is compatible with such a wide range of adhesive rolls demonstrates its adaptability for intense industrial use.

This manual dispenser also has the specificity of being heavier than the other products of the DS range. Although it can be securely mounted onto tables and workbenches, with its weight of 1.8 kilograms the DIC50 is a naturally stable device which makes this product easy to move and safe to use.

Last but not least, the DIC50 dispenser can be equipped, with an adjustable stopper enabling the calibrated cut of adhesive tapes, upon request.

The DIC50 is therefore the ideal product for any operator whose activity requires a compact, resistant and particularly precise device.

Concealing adhesive film, cardboard tape, insulation paper, protective film, marouflage tape, double-sided tape, etc… Our secure dispenser even allows the cut of Sleeve and VHB.

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Using an industrial dispenser for wide rolls of adhesive tapes

Setting up and loading the roll

Place the roll around the hub, then unwind the tape and position it above the central unwinding bar. Finally, place one end of the adhesive on the cutting line.


Once the adhesive is installed, hold the cutting handle and slide the blade onto the roll of adhesive. The Solingen blade effortlessly ensures a perfect cut regardless of the pressure exerted.


The DIC50 adhesive dispenser calls for little to no maintenance. Its stainless-steel cover protects the device against dirt and wear.

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