Manual tape dispenser for film type DIC100

Manual dispenser with secure cut for wide reels

This manual tape distributor was designed by DERFI in the aim of facilitating the cutting of large adhesive films. Produced in France, this stainless steel dispenser is extremely sturdy, and is suitable for use on industrial production chains.

Equipped with a Solingen blade built in to a secure cutting system, the manual DIC 100 or DCP100 provides true cutting comfort by a dispensing perfectly neat and accurately cut adhesive strips. Similarily to the [DIC50] (DIC50 Product), the DIC 100 sports a cantilever so that a roll of tape can be loaded quickly onto the hub.

This cutting device is an ideal instrument for any industrial operator wishing to increase the speed and the quality of their production.

Dérouleur à système de coupe sécurisée
Dévidoir de scotch industriel
Conçu pour des bobines larges

Each Derfi machine is an original machine and not a copy. All our tape dispensers are tested by our teams before being sent.

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Technical characteristics

DIC 100





What types of uses is this manual adhesive film unwinding intended for?

This manual dispenser has been designed for the handling of large rolls of adhesive tape **. The DIC 100 is ideal when using wide tape. It is very popular for the closing of cardboard boxes and parcels. It is also a tool that will satisfy the industrial operator involved in the [marouflage](SEO Marouflage) in the automotive industery, or in the [leather goods industry](SEO Maroquinier), particularly for the **holding in place of leather parts before assembly with double-sided tape.

The DIC 100 is equally suitable for household applications such as during a move, or in the day to day tasks of warehouse agents.

What are the benefits of this secure cutting device for tape?

The main advantage of cantilever manual dispenser for wide adhesives, resides in its secure cutting system. Unlike traditional manual dispensers, the DCP 100 features a straight sliding cutter. A sliding metal cutter has been built into the device so as to obtain a perfectly straight cut. Note that this sliding blade cuts in both directions.

In addition, the sliding cutter is equipped with a Solingen Blade. This sharpened triangular blade makes a perfectly smooth cut thanks to its tilted blade which facilitates cutting. The DIC100 guarantees the immediate and smooth cut of all types of adhesive films.

The DIC100 manual dispenser for wide adhesives has a unique secure cutting system. The space between the slider and the cutting line was designed to be too narrow for fingers so as to prevent any injury. This sturdy cutting device is therefore perfectly suited to the safety standards required in the * *CAT and ESAT-TYPE disability centers**.

Designed and manufactured in France from stainless steel, the DIC 100 industrial tape dispenser is extremely durable and will easily withstand the harsh environments associated with industrial production. The DIC 100's coating ensures the device is resistant to dirt, thus requiring virtually no maintenance.

This manual dispenser is also heavy enough to be used without needing to be mounted to a table or workbench, while still being easy enough to carry and move around. However, for optimum stability it is recommended to mount this device to a work surface. This can be acheived thanks to perforations provided under the base of the dispenser.

The DIC 100 is compatible with adhesive rolls that have a maximum width of 100mm. This wide range allows the industrial operator to pick from a wide selection of adhesive tapes. This industrial dispenser can also accommodate rolls with an outside diameter of up to 180 mm. The size of the mandrel should not exceed 76 mm which is the standard size for most adhesives.

It should also be noted that this cutting instrument is compatible with most types of adhesives found on the market, including some acrylic foam, the Sleeve tape, double-sided tape, insulating paper, etc... generally speaking, the DCP100 is widely used in the automotive industry for masking parts before painting.

Adjustable stopper is available upon request for the cutting to length of adhesives. This stopper is directly attached to the base so as to ensure optimum cutting accuracy.

The DIC 100 is an extremely versatile yet particularly reliable, tool that will accompany the user in their tasks for many years to come regardless of the intensity of use.

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Using this industrial dispenser for large adhesive rolls

The use of this manual dispenser for adhesive tapes is particularly intuitive thanks to its cantilever mechanism. Once the roll is installed and the end of the strip of adhesive is placed on the cutting surface, simply grasp the sliding cutter and slide it (left or right) effortlessly with one hand and through the adhesive tape. The adhesive will be cleanly cut thanks to the efficiency of the Solingen blade.

Setting up and loading the roll

Place the roll of adhesive around the hub, making sure to orient the roll so that it is unwound from the top of the roll. Then guide the end of strip of adhesive under the roller and pull the tape up to the cutting surface. Place the end of the strip on the cutting line according to the desired length. The manual dispenser for large adhesives is now ready for its first cut.


The DIC 100 adhesive dispenser requires virtually no maintenance. Its stainless-steel casing of the DIC 100 ensures that the manual cutting device stays clean thus requiring very little maintenance. After intensive use, check for a potential buildup of glue residue along the Solingen blade. If this is the case, simply use a traditional detergent such as white spirits to clean the blade.


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