Manual adhesive tape dispenser with safe-cut system DC80 – DC150 – DC400


Manual adhesive tape dispenser with safe-cut system for large rolls

The products in the DC range are stainless steel manual adhesive dispensers, custom-made by DERFI. These industrial grade dispensers are extremely robust and built-to-last. Our dispensers are equipped with a safe-cut system, are perfect for large adhesive rolls, and are designed in our French workshops.

Safe-cut dispenser
Industrial adhesive tape dispenser
Designed for large adhesive rolls

Each Derfi machine is an original machine and not a copy. All our tape dispensers are tested by our teams before being sent.

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Technical characteristics

DC 80 80 250 350 250x320x220 4,000
DC 100 100 270 350 270x320x220 4,500
DC 150 150 320 350 320x320x220 5,000
DC 200 200 370 350 370x320x220 5,500
DC 250 250 420 350 420x320x220 6,000
DC 300 300 470 350 470x320x220 6,500
DC 350 350 520 350 520x320x220 7,000
DC 400 400 570 350 570x320x220 7,500
DC 450 450 620 350 620x320x220 8,000
DC 500 500 670 350 670x320x220 8,500

What use is this manual adhesive tape dispenser intended for?

The DERFI manual DC dispenser with safe-cut system has been designed for different types of adhesives and cut-outs: - In the automobile industry, the DC dispenser is perfectly adapted to treading (Marouflage). This dispenser allows the unwinding of large widths (different from the standard model), to apply adhesive or regular plastic film on the desired surface. It can be used earlier in the production process, notably to protect components before painting, or later in the process, to lay adhesive tape on a finished product. Throughout the process, DERFI’s secure cutting system protects the operator. It was conceived to avoid all risks of finger-cuts or injuries during the use of the industrial manual dispenser.

This secure-cutting dispenser for tape and adhesives requires almost no maintenance.

What are the advantages of this manual adhesive tape dispenser with safe-cut system?

These manual adhesive tape dispensers are ideal for an intensive production and can support large rolls (from 80 to 1400 millimeters). The reel’s diameter is therefore custom-made, the width of the roll can reach up to 1570 millimeters. The DC line of products is equipped with a Solingen blade and enables a clean and precise cut in both cutting directions.

The primary advantage of our DC adhesive dispenser resides in its sturdiness and its fully secure cut. The operator cannot be injured because the DC is designed in such a way that fingers cannot slide under the cursor by the cutting line. DERFI also offers you the possibility to customize the height, width or diameter of your industrial dispenser’s reel.

To make this cutting device compatible with all kinds of tape rolls, an adjustable brake can be installed to prevent the roll from being unwound too easily. The unwinding of your roll will be slowed down by the system at its main axis.

The great advantage of the DC manual dispenser is that it can accommodate all types of adhesive or non-adhesive tapes, including: Adhesive masking film, cardboard tape, insulating paper, protective film, masking tape, double-sided tape, etc. Our secure roll can even cut Sleeve and VHB.

The operator also has a wide range of options as to the width of the device and the diameter of its reel. This customization offers the DC user unparalleled comfort in the production process.

Finally, the DC manual dispensers are equipped with a Solingen blade incorporated into a secure cutting system. This dispenser is above all a handmade and custom-made product, ensuring its user a high quality, personalised and safe device.

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Using an industrial dispenser for wide tapes

The DC range includes the most resistant devices created by DERFI. Hand-Made in France, these stainless steel adhesive dispensers are extremely robust. They weigh between 4.5 and 12.0 kilograms, and are made from stainless steel. Virtually no maintenance is required for these devices. In addition to a natural stability due to their weight, these dispensers are mountable on tables and can be screwed onto workbenches. Furthermore, in order to prevent or reduce scratches on your equipment, DERFI offers an optional custom-machining of PVC or nylon parts to be placed on the dispenser. This will prevent any risk of scratches or damage to your work. DERFI also offers the possibility to add an adjustable brake on the DC range of products, to reduce the output speed of the adhesive tape and to increase the precision of the cutting. Please note that this equipment is required from the DC400 onwards.

Inserting and loading the roll

Once the cutting device is mounted on to a table, it is necessary to load the roll of adhesive onto the main hub (if the dispenser is a one-track cutter).

The hub is designed for intuitive and functional placement regardless of the adhesive tape or reel diameter. However, it is important to indicate the needed dimensions of the dispenser to us before the manufacturing process.

Place the roll around the hub installed on the top rod. Unwind the tape and pass it under the central cylindrical rod. Then place one end of the adhesive on the cutting base. All that remains is to slide the blade on the adhesive regardless of the cutting direction. Pull the strip to the desired length. Finally, slide the blade into the cutting line to retrieve the pieces of cut strips.

Please note that it is possible to integrate an adjustable cutting stop to the industrial dispenser in order to standardise the cutting lengths.


These dispensers require little to no maintenance. Depending on the type of adhesive, the adhesive may settle inside the cutting line. A stroke of white spirit will remove the residue from the manual adhesive dispenser.


All DC range products have a 6-month warranty.

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