Manual adhesive tape dispenser with safe-cut system DC350DB


Manual adhesive tape dispenser with safe-cut system for large rolls

The DC350DB possesses the same features as other products of the DC range with the particularity of carrying two rolls. It is therefore an extremely robust dispenser, custom-made in France by DERFI to meet the needs of each industrial operator. It is equipped with a Solingen blade and a safe-cut system for large adhesive rolls, ideal for Adapted Work Centers and ESATs (centers providing carethrough employment).

Two rolls
Dispenser with safe-cut system
Industrial adhesive tape dispenser
Designed for large rolls

Each Derfi machine is an original machine and not a copy. All our tape dispensers are tested by our teams before being sent.

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What use is this manual adhesive tape dispenser intended for?

The secure-cutting DC range was made to cut different types of adhesives to length: - The DC350DB is ideal for marouflage in the automobile construction industry. It is compatible with non-standard widths. The specificity of this model is that it contains two rolls, which is useful for the operator who wishes to handle two adhesives at once for the processing of various parts. - Plastic injection. Laying of protective film on parts before shipping. ** - This **manual adhesive tape dispenser is also perfectly adapted for use in clean environments. Its stainless steel sheath protects the device from rust and decay. It is a resistant steel which can be cleaned easily and meets the usage standards for clean rooms, cafeterias, etc…
- In the food industry, the DC350DB dispenser enables the cutting of protective films and other adhesive tapes used to protect surfaces. It also meets the hygiene standards of catering services and supermarkets. - Last but not least this DERFI adhesive tape dispenser meets the usage criteria for workshops managed by disabled people, ESAT and CAT, by offering a safe-cut system thus protecting its operators from harm.

What are the advantages of this manual adhesive tape dispenser with safe-cut system?

The DC350DB was developed to optimize the work of the industrial operator for intensive and efficient production. It henceforth has a certain number of specifications which make it an exceptional tool. First and foremost, this adhesive tape dispenser can handle two adhesive tape rolls. It is therefore adapted to any operation which requires using different adhesives, whether it be by size, type or even color. The operator will then be able switch between the two rolls placed on a single device. This manual dispenser for adhesive film is also equipped with a Solingen blade that ensures a neat and precise cut. The rolling slider of the DC350DB allows cutting both ways. By placing the slider at the center of the dispenser, it is possible to cut one piece of tape at a time. The DERFI safe-cut system is a real asset for industrial use. The height of the slider prevents any fingers from slipping below the cutting line, thus preventing any accidents. This is a tool that meets the requirements of ESAT type centers for handicapped people. Additionally, the industrial DC350DB manual tape dispenser is one of DERFI’s most robust devices. Made in France from stainless steel, this dispenser is practically unwearable and does not require any maintenance. It is also possible to customize your dispenser with DERFI custom-made. A custom-made dispenser would therefore not be limited to a width of 350 millimeters like the standard model. This would then enable the user to modify the width taken according to the adhesive film rolls used. Furthermore, a brake is built in on the unwinding axis of the DC. This is a very convenient feature as it increases the resistance on the roll of tape while the operator unwinds it. Finally, a major feature of this industrial dispenser is that is it compatible with numerous types of adhesive or non-adhesive rolls like. It is adapted to concealing adhesive films, cardboard scotch tapes, insulation papers, protective films, marouflage scotch tape, double-sided adhesive tapes, etc…

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Using an industrial dispenser for wide tapes

Screw the manual dispenser on a table or a workbench using the perforations intended for this purpose. Then, load two adhesive rolls on the four hubs, and unwind the tape by sliding it under the central cylindrical bar in order to place the end on the cutting line. The device is now ready for its first cut.
For standard-length cuts, DERFI offers an adjustable stopper as an option. This stopper is placed in front of the dispenser enabling the cut of standard lengths.


Made of stainless steel, practically all of our products require little to no maintenance. Despite this, it is possible that residue from the adhesive tape might settle along the cutting blade. Should this occur, simply apply some white spirit to dissolve any adhesive residue in the dispenser.


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