Secure manual dispenser for adhesive D1 / D2


Hand tape dispenser for laying adhesives tapes

The D1 and D2 adhesive film dispensers are very simple and intuitive to use. These devices can be used with only one hand thanks to a new circular design coupled with a rigid carbon steel toothed blade, thus allowing the fast and efficient cutting of adhesive tape pieces.

These dispensers are also extremely robust. The D1 and D2 manual tape dispensers are entirely covered with sturdy metal, guaranteeing the protection of the rolls of adhesives as well as the durability of the device.

Both of these user-friendly and space-saving scotch dispensers will satisfy users and industrial operators in the performance of their daily tasks and help them increase their productivity.

Tape dispenser one hand
Manual tape dispenser for professionals and individuals
Designed for standard standard reels

Each Derfi machine is an original machine and not a copy. All our tape dispensers are tested by our teams before being sent.

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Technical characteristics

D1/15 76 15 122 0,261
D1/19 76 19 122 0,290
D1/25 76 25 122 0,330
D1/30 76 30 122 0,365
D1/38 76 38 122 0,400
D1/50 76 50 122 0,465
D2/25 76 25 142 0,405
D2/30 76 30 142 0,445
D2/38 76 38 142 0,480
D2/50 76 50 142 0,555

What kind of uses is this manual adhesive tape dispenser intended for?

This manual dispenser is mainly intended for the standard, everyday use of adhesive rolls. It is very useful for closing cartons, parcels and other packages. As such, this device will come in handy on various stages of the assembly line especially in packaging and shipping areas. The D1 and D2 manual dispensers are versatile and will also benefit individuals for home and office use. The minimalist design and light weight of these devices make them an extremely popular and usable tool for everyone. These tape dispensers are also very popular when relocating and moving as they make closing boxes so much simpler and faster.

What are the advantages of this manual adhesive tape dispenser?

The main advantage of these manual dispensers for adhesive tape lies in how practical and easy they are to handle. The D1 and D2 manual dispensers weigh only between 0.261 kg and 0.555 kg, making them easily transportable. In addition to their ergonomic design and small size, these tape dispensers can be used with one hand. This makes the use of the D1 and D2 dispensers extremely easy and intuitive. In order to use this device, the user simply needs to hold the device in one hand while placing the end of the rubber drive roller onto the surface to be taped. With a single hand movement, the adhesive tape will be dispensed and cut using the device's serrated blade. This adhesive tape dispensing device is extremely practical and will meet the requirements of any standard use of adhesive tape.

The second feature of this manual dispenser is its coating. The D1 handheld dispenser is entirely covered with a rigid metal frame that has been designed for the use in industrial environments. Working in a factory or warehouse usually involves the intensive use of many tools. These devices must be able to withstand the various stresses associated with the industrial environment and heavy use. The D1 and D2 manual dispensers are made from rigid steel, are durable and will withstand the test of time and wear. In addition, this coating not only protects the rolls of adhesives from external factors, but it also keeps the user safe, especially when handling dangerous adhesives such as aluminium.

In order to obtain fast and efficient cutting, special attention was paid to the blade design of the D1 and D2 manual dispensers. Since these dispensers can be handled with one hand, it was necessary to build a high-performance cutting system so that cutting can be carried out smoothly and effortlessly. Thus, the blade of these manual dispensers has been manufactured specifically to cut adhesives supported by the D1 and D2 dispensers. This blade has many notches, each of which is particularly resistant, sharp and small. Each notch is 1.5 mm long. These durable serrated blades are manufactured from high-strength carbon steel and guarantee clean and immediate cuts.

It is also important to note that the D1 and D2 hand dispensers have an adjustable manual brake system. This feature has been designed to prevent the adhesive tape from being dispensed too rapidly and without control. This trigger-style brake system is located in the circular handle of the device. Exerting slight pressure on this brake system allows for the weight of the roll to be adjusted and the output speed to be measured and controlled.

The D1 and D2 manual dispensers are available in several sizes depending on the sizes of the adhesive rolls to be used. The size of the mandrel is the same for all D1 and D2 dispensers and is 76 mm in diameter. Each model has been specifically designed to accommodate adhesive rolls of different widths and external diameters. Thus, the D1 protected manual tape dispenser can accommodate rolls with the following widths: 15 mm, 19 mm, 25 mm, 30 mm, 38 mm and 50 mm. As for the D2 dispenser, it is compatible with the same roll widths as the D1 with the exception of the 15 mm and 19 mm wide rolls. It is the outer diameter of the rolls that differentiates the D1 dispensers from the D2s. The D1 manual dispensers can support rolls with a diameter limited to 122 mm, while the dispenser D2 dispensers are reserved for the use of adhesive rolls with an external diameter of 142 mm.

Please note that both D1 and D2 dispensers are available in "TN" versions. TN versions sport a special blade that is suitable for filament adhesives. This special *manual tape dispenser** TN blade is even more rigid than that of the D1 and D2, and the teeth of the blade are also slightly longer. Apart from the difference in blade type, the D1 TN and D2 TN can accommodate the same dimensions of adhesive rolls as the D1 and D2 devices respectively.

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Using this heavy-based industrial dispenser?

The use of the D1 and D2 dispensers is extremely simple. The operator simply places the end of the adhesive tape on the desired surface and then applies the adhesive film. When ready, a simple wrist movement will cut the tape by bringing the end of the adhesive roll onto the notched blade of the device.

Setting-up the dispenser and loading the roll

First load the D1 or D2 dispenser. To do this, separate the two parts of the manual cutting unit, then position the roll on the side containing the drive roller. Make sure to orient the roll of tape so that it is dispensed onto the serrated metal blade. Then pull the first strip towards the front of the blade and close the manual dispenser for adhesive rolls. This ensures that the cutting device is ready for its first use.

Cleaning & Maintenance

This manual dispenser for adhesive tapes requires virtually no maintenance due to its simple design. Simply clean the blade from time to time to remove any glue residue that may have accumulated over time.

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