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DSD 60

Manual tape dispenser for adhesive tapes

The DSD 60 is a tape dispenser designed for the fast dispensing of adhesive tapes to length.









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It is a very lightweight dispenser that will fit perfectly on tables, workbenches and any vertical work surface. The DSD 60 is suitable for 60mm wide reels. It is a very robust manual dispenser that will suit the industrial operator as well as the retailer and home user. The DSD 60 is a very intuitive and easy to use adhesive film dispenser. A secure version of this model is available as DSD25S

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DSD 60
25-76 mm
60 mm
160 mm
0,5 kg

This manual dispenser can be used for all kinds of purposes and tasks. It can be found in areas where cartons and other packages are sealed before being shipped. Although very effective in industrial environments, the DSD 60 manual tape dispenser is also very suitable for home use, e.g. when moving house or using it as an office tool. The tape dispenser can also be used to protect fabrics in the graphic arts sector, but also for a variety of general tasks in the craft, industry and trade sectors.

The main advantage of this tabletop tape dispenser is its practicality. This manual tape dispenser is very light and space-saving and can be easily transported. It is a very simple model in composition and use. Only a hub, a support bar and a toothed blade make up the device. The DSD 60 is therefore extremely easy to use. The user of this manual tape dispenser simply has to take hold of the tape, pull it back to the cutting surface and cut it with the notched steel blade of the dispenser.

The DSD 60 is also a very robust tape dispenser. Made entirely from rigid steel, this tape dispenser will withstand the most active workbenches and work surfaces. It is also a small device that will fit effortlessly on busy tables in heavy production. There is also an automatic version, the RT7700.

Another feature of this manual reel is its straight and fast cutting. The DSD 60 is equipped with a rigid serrated blade. This blade is made entirely of steel. It is the notches and the shape of the blade that give this tape dispenser a simple and very effective cut.

Maintenance of the device is virtually maintenance-free. The device is small and its metal coating protects it in part from dust and dirt that are common in industrial environments or workshops. This means that the DSD 60 is very easy to clean for its users.

The adhesive film dispenser can be mounted on all types of vertical surfaces, whether on a table, workbench or crossbar.

Finally, regarding the capacity of this model, you should know that the DSD 60 can handle rolls with a width of 60mm.

How to use this manual tape dispenser?
As previously demonstrated, the DSD 60 is very easy to use. Once your tape dispenser is attached to the stand, simply pull your roll to bring the tape to the cutting line. With a wave of your hand, proceed to cut by moving the piece of tape along the serrated steel blade. Your tape will cut instantly.

Starting up and loading the reel
First, attach your manual tape dispenser. Then take your tape reel and place it around the hub of the DSD 60. Please note that it is important to position your tape roll so that the tape is dispensed from the top of the reel and therefore towards the front of the dispenser. Once the reel is installed, detach the head of your tape and bring it back to the notched blade on the front of the machine. With a wave of your hand, apply downward pressure to make your first cut. Your manual dispenser is now ready for use.


Maintenance and cleaning of the dispenser
The DSD 60 is virtually maintenance free. The DSD 60 is made of smooth steel to prevent the accumulation of residues. It is very important to keep the serrated blade clean. Therefore, if glue residues accumulate on the blade after continuous intensive use, apply detergent to remove all residues.

Replacing parts
All components of the DSD 60 are available at our premises. Therefore, in case of manufacturing defects, damaged, worn or out-of-order parts, DERFI offers shipping and repair of all spare parts of this manual tape dispenser.

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