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Manual label dispenser for the dispensing of adhesive labels on rolls

The DDME manual dispenser for adhesive labels is a device manufactured by DERFI. It is designed to facilitate the handling of labels while ensuring the collecting of the spent liner.









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This label dispenser is custom manufactured in stainless steel by DERFI upon request. This adhesive label dispenser with crank handle is ideal for use in intensive production. Unlike other manual label dispensers, the special feature of the DERFI’s “DDME” is that the spent liner is simultaneously rewound thus avoiding to clutter of the workstation.

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Product reference
Reel diameter (mm)
Max roll width (mm)
Max outside diameter of roll (mm)
76 mm
60 mm
300 mm
DDME 100
76 mm
100 mm
300 mm
DDME 150
76 mm
150 mm
300 mm

This DDME crank-operated label dispenser is entirely manufactured by DERFI and is designed to best assist the industrial operator working in intensive production. Its manual operation allows it to be installed or used in an environment without an electrical connection.


The stainless steel build of this device as well as its ease of use ensure reliability and durabilit

The main advantage of this adhesive label dispenser equipped with a crank is its ease of use and convenience. Once the roll of labels is set up in the device and that the end of the strip of liner has been fed through the collection system, all the user has to do is activate the crank in order for the device to present a label freshly peeled off of its liner. The spent liner is automatically rewound around a hub provided for this purpose so as to minimise mess. This device sports a sturdy stainless steel build for durability.


Once the first label has been dispensed and retrieved by the user, the DDME crank-operated label dispenser releases a new adhesive label automatically when the crank is activated.


The DDME can accommodate rolls of labels measuring 60, 100 or 150 mm wide and with an outside roll diameter of up to 300 mm. Should a label dispenser with larger dimensions be required, DERFI can manufacture custom label dispensers upon request.


In addition, the DDME manual label dispenser is undeniably a practical and robust dispensing device.


This manual dispenser of adhesive labels is also a high quality tool. The stainless steel build makes the DDME very robust and thus able to withstand the various hazards of industrial production.


In addition, just like the LD3000 and LD8100, when using the DDME, the spent liner is simultaneously rewound thus avoiding to clutter of the workstation.

As mentioned above, the DDME label dispenser can be custom manufactured by DERFI upon request and according to specifications.

Setting up and loading the roll

To start off place the roll of labels onto the hub and keep it in place using the retaining plates in order to prevent the roll from shifting while the device is in use.

Then, place the end of the strip of liner under the cutting support and through the guide rollers. The end of the strip of liner will need to be held in place by the pin on the liner collection hub.

Operate the crank to test the correct placement of the roll of labels on the DDME dispenser.


How to use this manual dispenser for adhesive labels

Depending on the size of the roll of labels to be unwound, the manipulation of the crank handle will need to be adjusted. Despite this, the DDME manual dispenser is very easy to use and users will quickly become familiar with the system thus optimising the dispensing of labels.


Spare parts and maintenance

DERFI keeps all the spare parts for devices manufactured by DERFI as well as the DC80 and DS25E manual Safe Cut adhesive dispensers, despite their proven sturdiness and durability.

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