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Single sided amber polyimide 55my HT silicone adhesive tape - UL510 certified

The B0201 M tape is a single sided amber polyimide tape coated with a very high temperature silicone adhesive compound.

UL510 certified – Class H

Excellent electrical insulation

Low thickness

Excellent temperature resistance

Tear and puncture resistant

Resistant to solvents and chemicals

UL510 certified

Silicone adhesive

Amber colour

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The exceptional performance of B0201M single sided polyimide silicone adhesive makes it a versatile product for industrial applications.

This electrical insulating product is mainly used in electronics, where high resistance to heat, chemicals and abrasion is required.


UL510 Listed – Class H

Classe UL Température en °C
Y 90
A 105
E 120
B 130
F 155
H 180
C >180


Application conditions

As with any adhesive, ensure that the surfaces are clean, dry and free of any contaminants (grease, oil, dust, etc.).


Storage conditions

It is recommended to store single sided polyimide rolls:

  •   Flat
  •   In their original packaging
  •   Protected from dust, light, moisture and solvents
  •   At a temperature of 21°C
  •   At a relative humidity of 50%.


Provided that the above conditions are met, the maximum storage time is 24 months.

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Product reference
Tape thickness
Liner thickness
Tape colour
Adhesive mass
Substrate Type
Adhesion to steel
Tensile strength
Elongation breakage
Dielectric strength
Temperature resistance
55 µ
25 µ
High temperature acrylic
6,25N/25mm sur PSTC 1
6 Kvolts
-73°C à +240°C

High temperature electrical insulation

The main characteristic of polyimide is that it combines high dielectric strength with high temperature resistance. In addition, this product is also UL 510 certified (flame retardant).


Tear and puncture resistant

This polyimide adhesive is flexible, while being tear, puncture and abrasion resistant.


Also resistant to radiation

In addition to having good chemical resistance, polyimide is also resistant to gamma and UV radiation. It can be used in certain space and nuclear applications.


 Better than polyester when applying powder coating

While both polyester and polyimide adhesive films are capable of withstanding high temperatures and have good mechanical properties, polyimide adhesives offer

  •                 Higher abrasion resistance
  •                 More flexibility
  •                 Excellent conformability

Masking electronics

Due to their temperature resistance and low thickness, single-sided silicone adhesive polyimide films are widely used for masking before wave soldering operations.


Vacuum masking

Because of their low outgassing rate and resistance to electrical discharge, polyimide adhesive films are commonly used for high temperature masking in vacuum deposition surface treatment processes (PVD, CVD, PECVD, etc.).


Electrical insulation

Polyimide is an excellent electrical insulator. Because it is also thin and very flexible, this adhesive is widely used for the electrical insulation of motors, capacitors, cables, coils and printed circuits.


Sensor mounting in the automotive industry

Because it is light, insulating, strong and space-saving, it is the ideal material for attaching sensors and small parts in the tightest of spaces. It can be used for applications where every gram counts, such as in the automotive industry.

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