The activities of Leather Goods and more particularly the making of bags, wallets, belts and other jewels involve many stakeholders during the manufacturing process.

DERFI has worked for many years with the greatest French leather goods manufacturers and offers essential solutions to the crafting of different leather-based articles.

From different skins such as cowhide (box), cordovan and other reptile skins, handbags and other fashion accessories are designed with the utmost care.

Our solutions help manufacturers in the manufacture of these items distributing pieces of double-sided adhesive glue at a defined length. This comes before the seam when the leather pieces are stitched to hold in place the two parts of the pieces of leather to sew. This method, very used because it is very practical, makes it possible to stabilize and maintain pre-cut leather tips for stitching them more easily without the operator having to hold them in place.

Facilitating the distribution of double-sided pieces has become our recognized expertise throughout France among major fashion designers. Our automatic tape dispenser RT7700 is particularly effective for dispensing, unwinding to length and cutting double sided tape, DF for some. A programming system is integrated in the electric tape dispenser to store up to 6 different lengths.

We adapt this RT7700 unwinder so that it prevents jamming due to frequent glue deposition and the accumulation of adhesive residue in the rollers. No fear, every machine is lubricated carefully before sending so that nothing comes to anticipate the wear of the machine.

In addition, DERFI prides itself on having spare parts in stock to follow up these double-sided electrical tape dispensers. Known as BIMA A900 or Zcut9, our RT7700 is the original and authentic model sold by DERFI for over 15 years now.

We are committed to contributing to the realization of articles of rare quality of major players in French leather goods. That's why we are constantly innovating our processes in order to always offer the best to our customers and partners. This follows the ever-increasing demands of consumers and ever higher expectations of this know-how so dear to the world of fashion. A level of quality is imposed to allow the major creators of fashion accessories to maintain their reputation on the one hand, and on the other hand, to follow the development of this emerging market.