Automatic adhesive dispenser

DERFI offers you a range of electric tape dispenser to cut to length your coils of adhesives of all kinds. Save time in your productions, facilitate the work of operators with the help of our automatic scotch cutting machines. In addition to saving time and optimizing work on production lines, our adjustable length electrical reels for adhesives help prevent repetitive movements that are subject to injury or musculoskeletal disorders. A must-have in the quest for continuous improvement, our Programmable-Length Electric Tape Reels are designed for sustained, repeated use in multiple workstations. We work closely with the methods departments, who are anxious to provide their teams with equipment adapted to repetitive tasks requiring cutting tape, double-sided tape, reinforced tape or other type of adhesive film.


Each Derfi machine is an original machine and not a copy. All our tape dispensers are tested by our teams before being sent.

Our automatic adhesive film dispensers comply with CE standards and stand out from the many copies and counterfeits circulating on the web, far less reliable and non-compliant. Our team of specialists puts at your service 40 years of experience in the manufacture and sale of industrial tape cutting equipment. We have a wide choice that differs in several ways:

  1. The type of adhesive tape
  2. The dimensions of coils used
  3. The thicknesses and viscosity of the adhesives
  4. The desired application and use

We have almost a solution for everything since DERFI has the necessary knowledge to solve problems specific to each of our customers. We start from the standard of our Scotch Electrical Distributors to adapt them and find the best use for our customers. Our wide range of Adjustable Adhesive Film Reel allows you to cut all types of adhesive tape through VHB Foam Tape, Kapton, Mylar and other technical adhesives. Ranging in width from 4 to 200mm wide, our machines are also designed to program your adhesive cuts to length. Like the Hongjing RT7000 Automatic Tape Dispenser, you can program up to 6 predefined and changeable lengths at any time. Other unwinders more suitable for wide ribbons are also available in this category. Of course, all applications are concerned with our industrial tape dispensers, shaping, surface protection, application of double-sided tape, gluing on POS and other perfume flakes ... we have a wide range choice that can satisfy your need. DERFI's great strength, we are able to provide spare parts tracking and maintenance and repair service throughout the lifetime of our adhesive dispensers with configurable lengths. With 40 years of experience, we know our products at your fingertips and act quickly while offering you the quality of our advice and expertise in the field. We try, advise, sell and repair all products in our catalog with always your watchword, your satisfaction.

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